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    Depends where you are. lol. Know a ton of over priced places in sa. Also I am in the north so its not to bad here.
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    Hey man. I am in the uk now. Leyland.
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    How is London? Have not seen you play dota in a while.
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    I happen to be in the neighborhood and I noticed your moving to this side of the pond. Where you based Dude?

    I live in Herforshire, which is north of London, but work in the City, Heron Tower in fact. If you are in the area we should go grab a beer or something one day.
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    Hahaha never mind :P The issue was sorted out We shall miss you tho!
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    Dude can you clean up your inbox. .. .?
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    Thanks dude. yeah that would be funny

    Huge step for me. going over at the end of november by myself lucky I have a place to stay. where about are you going in the uk? While I am doing my app process I will be in chorley
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    Good bye james. I shall be following you to the uk as you know I am joining the royal marines
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    Sup dude, the article you wrote for watch dogs, pic after the video, spelling mistake- Watch Dgos :P
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    Yo, no problem. I took a while with this reply as well, haha.

    Ah, thank you. The reason I asked something like that is especially because I'm going into gaming journalism, a field for which there's largely still no dedicated courses, it'd be interesting to know how I can improve my chances to get into a paying job here before I eventually move overseas. And while more degrees improve chances, I've seen a few journalists get better jobs than even those with a string of degrees after their name.

    Of course, I'm not disregarding the importance of more degrees, but I just don't want to study more if it's not necessary.
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James Etherington-Smith holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Johannesburg. He worked as an IT technician and Matric-level computer sciences tutor before joining MyBroadband and MyGaming in 2009. James currently works as sub-editor and journalist for both websites.
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