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Thread: DoGaming stream live on thursday!

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    Default DoGaming stream live on thursday!

    The Lower Bracket Final of the DotA 2 Beta Cup will be shoutcasted live this Thursday for gamers wanting to tune in for some good games, in-depth analysis and overall good times.

    After the ASF victory over Vitriolic Gaming, vtL has dropped down to the lower bracket and will be taking on the Mugiwara Pirates, a team that consists of well-known players in the South African community from many other games. The winner of this best of three will go up against ASF in the grand finals, in which ASF will need to be beaten twice.

    Speaking to players on both teams, the Mugiwara Pirate has confirmed the line-up for the game on Thursday night through Matt ‘fluKe’ Merks.

    “We want to use our strongest team possible but unfortunately, Mohamed ‘seeM’ Lorgat won’t be available for the games,” he says.

    Merks also told Do Gaming that his team has viewed this as the “final” for them coming into the brackets.

    “I think we came into the Cup to have as much fun as possible and have done surprisingly well too. I believe we can perform on the same level as vtL, if not higher, so we believe we have an opportunity to win the match (unless Vladimir “PGG” Anosov or someone is brought in on vtL’s side *laughs*),” he says.

    Mugiwara Pirates line-up:

    David ‘Numb’ Guimaraes
    Ryan ‘CryTT’ Odoherty
    Jason ‘DaekinHo' Li-Hunt
    Tristan ‘BounCy’ Bridge
    Kyle ‘Sanji’ Wolmarans / Matthew ‘fluKe’ Merks (swapping)

    From the vtL side, Sakkie ‘RandomHero’ Basson says that he is feeling confident but the team hasn’t had a chance to practise since their last game against ASF and they won’t be able to field their main roster.

    “Pirates are a good team at the moment and I feel that a lot of teams underestimate them. While DotA isn’t most of the players’ main game, they are smart players and most have strong DotA backgrounds,” he says.

    “Neeran ‘Doppl3r’ Motheeram has been doing our drafts for the last few games but is currently away on work and we are still deciding who will play for us. Our fifth player will consist of what we have on our DGL roster at the moment, so it will either be Devin ‘HellbirD’ Rigotti, a known player from early DotA days or “Zephy”, a German friend we made in our time playing in IHL (in-house league),” he says.

    Vitriolic Gaming line-up:

    Sakkie ‘RandomHero’ Basson
    Justin ‘smke’ Probyn
    Dylan ‘radox’ Probyn
    Nico-Ben ‘Aapie’ de Villiers
    Devin ‘HellbirD’ Rigotti or ‘Zephy’

    All three games will be aired live on the DGL Stream which gamers can find here and will be shoutcasted by the same team that casted the ASF vs. vtL game, Rob ‘GrIdL0cK’ Clegg and Tim ‘capn’ Harrison.

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    ill be watching

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    When's the next stream??

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