Vodacom gets into gaming

Vodacom launches online gaming service and dedicated gaming website

April 23, 2009

Vodacom has officially launched a new Vodacom Gaming Service/web portal. The service is currently operating in a trial phase. Once the trial phase is over, Vodacom will follow up with a ‘Proof of Concept’ period.

The service includes a selection of multiplayer servers for PC, as well as a dedicated gaming website which offers news, reviews and forums.

According to Dot Field, Vodacom’s Chief Communications Officer, this new service is in line with the company’s vision to become a total communications company. 

“Vodacom is expanding its traditional cellular-based offerings into the converged communication space by offering services such as online gaming,” said Field.

Vodacom will initially focus on hosting PC multi-player gaming servers to their customers via the new Vodacom Gaming Service portal, while offering mobile single player games via Vodafone Live!

The entire service is hosted locally on Vodacom’s network

“Customers who make use of Vodacom’s Broadband access services will benefit, although this service is accessible to anyone who has access to the Internet,” Field said.  “This service connects both Vodacom and non-Vodacom customers who share a passion for gaming and can be accessed via a dedicated portal.”

At present, Vodacom is hosting two Crysis Wars servers, one Crysis server, two Left4dead servers, one Battlefield 2 server and one Battlefield 2142 server.  Field however added that other games will become available soon and that additional functionality and community features are planned to further enhance the experience of gamers.

Earlier today the site was not accessible to non Vodacom users, but it has since been fixed and now all internet users can check it out at www.vodacomgaming.co.za There is not much in the way of news or reviews on the site at this point, and it remains to be seen if Vodacom will hire full time editorial staff. The servers appear to be up and running however, but are obviously relatively quiet at this point in time. The lack of any Call of Duty 4 servers is rather puzzling at this point seeing as it is the most active multiplayer community in the country.

Vodacom is now the third internet/telecoms provider looking to establish itself in the gaming market and promote and provide focused support for the gaming community at large.

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