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3g and LTE

Best mobile Internet connections in SA

MyBroadband’s latest Speedtest results reveal the top performing mobile broadband connections in South Africa

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MyGaming Survey alcohol drinking

SA gamers are a boozy bunch

The MyGaming Lifestyle Survey 2014 reveals what gamers drink, and how much they spend on alcohol

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LAN and Switch

Best ADSL international latency from SA

Take a look at the best performing South African ISPs in terms of latency to international servers

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MyGaming Survey Smoking

Puff or pass? What SA gamers smoke

Do you smell smoke? It’s not your console overheating

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Simpsons Minecraft news

The Simpsons does a Minecraft couch gag

Cultural landmark The Simpsons pays homage to one of gaming’s greatest success stories with a Minecraft-themed couch gag

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Watch Dogs Aiden Pearce news

Watch Dogs recommended PC specs will make you cry

Want Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs to look gorgeous? You’re going to need a PC with this much grunt…

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South Africa Internet Connected

Best ADSL latency in SA

The latest MyBroadband latency test results reveal the top ADSL connections for gaming in SA

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Why PCFormat SA is being shut down

PCFormat publisher Panorama explain why PCFormat is getting the axe

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incredible connection

Incredible Connection capped ADSL: 20GB for R49

Incredible Connection launched a new capped ADSL special, complementing its existing 2Mbps uncapped promotion for R99

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Broforce Steam early access launch date

SA-made bro-tastic shmup Broforce is hitting Steam early access soon.

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Amazon Fire TV gadget

Amazon Fire TV is a $99 gaming console: specs detailed

Amazon has unveiled a gaming and streaming media console with decent specs which will compete in the low-cost arena

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Best selling games in SA GTA 4

Best-selling games in South Africa

The top selling games of February 2014 have been revealed

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Tropico 5 screenshot news

Tropico 5 release date announced for PC

By presidential edict, you will enjoy this new batch of Tropico 5 screenshots

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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike news

Battlefield 4 servers cause “rubber-banding”: DICE

DICE blames server problems for persistent “rubber-banding” woes in Battlefield 4

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Electronic Arts 1

EA mocks Wii U then apologises

EA’s Frostbite Engine social media team thought it would be funny to mock the poor little Wii U. They were wrong.

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rands 200 rands R200 sa news

SA digital downloads get new customs tax [April Fools]

On top of digital downloads being subject to 14% VAT, a new customs tax will be imposed on digital download imports

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Gigabyte Aorus X7 competition

Win a powerful gaming laptop with MyGaming [April Fools]

Win a high-end gaming laptop in MyGaming’s biggest competition ever!

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Phil Spencer Xbox One

New Xbox division boss named

Former Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer will be taking over as Head of Xbox at Microsoft.

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What SA gamers earn, and spend on games

The MyGaming Lifestyle Survey 2014 reveals how much gamers are earning and then spending on games each month

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Duke Nukem Forever

Who owns Duke Nukem? 3D Realms fights Gearbox

Cry “havoc!” and let slip the sharks of law!

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