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Lighting Returns

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII the good and the bad

Final Fantasy’s first trilogy has drawn to a close, and its final chapter is quite a mixed bag

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Deus Ex The Fall art news

Deus Ex: The Fall heads to PC

Square Enix’s mobile-only Deus Ex follow-up is heading to a PC near you

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Stephen Elop MyG

Microsoft names new Xbox boss

What do Nokia and Xbox have in common?

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Sad Cat news MG

New tax to hit online gaming, digital purchases in SA

If the news of rising game prices on the back of a weak rand didn’t put a damper on your week, we’ve got some more bad news for you.

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John Carmack at GDC

Carmack calls its quits at id

Doom creator and industry legend, John Carmack has decided to quit id Software

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Uncharted 4 map teaser

Uncharted 4 heads to African seas and PS4

Naughty Dog have released a teaser trailer for a new Uncharted game for PS4, hinting at a journey to the African continent.

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Resident Evil Revelations review

MyGaming reacts: Resident Evil Revelations

Did Resident Evil Revelations manage to stay afloat, or did it leave us with a sinking feeling?

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Xbox One truth

Want to play Xbox One offline?

Microsoft’s Xbox executive Don Mattrick tells you how to play Xbox games offline.

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Final Fantasy header

Square Enix drops two bombs: Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3

Square Enix has lifted the lid off of a few of its game plans for the next generation.

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Dragon's Dogma review

How Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen made us feel

Ought one care for this enhanced edition of 2012′s Dragon’s Dogma? Mayhaps. Mayhaps not.

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Bobby Kotick Money

Bobby Kotick’s massive payload

Love him or hate him, Activision’s head honcho earned more in 2012 than most of us could ever dream of.

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Epic Unicorn

Most badass unicorns in gaming

Unicorns have a reputation of being timid, harmless and noble creatures – but they’re not. They’re really not.

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Final Fantasy X HD header

Final Fantasy X HD: new images and info

Some good news for FF fans: Final Fantasy X HD is coming – and it’s not alone.

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Ni No Kuni review

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch review (PS3)

Will it heal the world or break your heart? Either way, it will do so in style.

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Seduce Me Review header 1

Seduce Me review

Is this erotic dating sim a firm contender – or a flaccid affair?

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Square Enix Star

Square Enix teases new game

New site features countdown clock, stars, blue

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Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition review

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition review (PC)

Is memory lane paved to perfection, or a stricly pot-hole filled affair?

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Testament of Sherlock Holmes header

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (Xbox 360)

Masterful investigator or messy crime-scene?

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Mass Effect art news

Mass Effect 4 will feature a new hero

BioWare says that Mass Effect will continue – but things are definitely over for Shepard.

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Game vs movie industry 1

Game vs. movie industry

Games and movies – which industry is bringing in more buck for the bang?

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