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Shadow Realms BioWare

Is BioWare’s new IP called Shadow Realms?

BioWare has teased something. Something new. Something unsettling. Something possibly titled Shadow Realms

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Humble Square Enix Bundle wants all your money

Hitman, Deus Ex, and a bunch of other titles are going for cheap in the latest Humble Bundle

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Keeping up with Kim Kardashian Hollywood

MyGaming gets stuck into the latest Kimmy K soul selling simulator

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Casual game feature

How big are mobile games, really?

Hardcore gamers may loathe the casual mobile game market, but it’s nothing to turn your nose up at

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Great gaming studios that shut their doors

Neversoft is no more, but it is far from the first studio to face the same fate

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Mass Effect

Help make the next Mass Effect

BioWare is asking gamers what they would like to see in the next Mass Effect title

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The poison that’s killing game development

Game developers shall never be slaves – but that’s what they are, according to Oddworld Inhabitants co-founder, Lorne Lanning

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Get awesome 2K games for R215 or less

Humble has taken their latest Bundle to the next level with 2K

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Disregard Sascoc expulsion claims: MSSA

MSSA says that the rumours of its Sascoc expulsion have been greatly exaggerated

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The penis gaming peripheral you never knew you wanted

Come now, we’re all adults here. What are you laughing at? What did I say?

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MSSA suspended from Sascoc

The MSSA’s association with the country’s Olympic body is currently up in the air

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Xbox One SA news

Xbox One pre-orders open in SA

DionWired, BT Games, Takealot, and AnimeWorx are letting you pre-order the Xbox One right now

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Steam breaks its concurrent user record

Let this forever be remembered as the day the PC master race proved their worth

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Transformers Age of Extinction

MyGaming movie review – Transformers: Age of Extinction

Michael Bay’s latest foray into the world of transforming robots takes a dark turn, but doesn’t pull any punches when blasting your eyes with flashy effects

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GOG header

GOG launches DRM-free summer sale

Hey you! Yes, YOU! GOG.com has launched its 2014 DRM-free summer sale – check it out

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Lighting Returns

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII the good and the bad

Final Fantasy’s first trilogy has drawn to a close, and its final chapter is quite a mixed bag

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Deus Ex The Fall art news

Deus Ex: The Fall heads to PC

Square Enix’s mobile-only Deus Ex follow-up is heading to a PC near you

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Stephen Elop MyG

Microsoft names new Xbox boss

What do Nokia and Xbox have in common?

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Sad Cat news MG

New tax to hit online gaming, digital purchases in SA

If the news of rising game prices on the back of a weak rand didn’t put a damper on your week, we’ve got some more bad news for you.

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John Carmack at GDC

Carmack calls its quits at id

Doom creator and industry legend, John Carmack has decided to quit id Software

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