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Steam gaming smashes PlayStation and Xbox

Steam has more users than most countries have people – we kid you not

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GTA V for PC delayed again

Sorry PC gamers, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the latest GTA

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SA-made Cadence hits Kickstarter

Synth music and puzzles – what’s not to love?

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Evolution of gaming

The evolution of 2015’s big gaming franchises

When I was your age, we still gamed in a 4:3 aspect ratio

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Timer stopwatch

Are games too short?

Sounds like The Order: 1886 is going to be a short trip, but how does it compare to other titles?

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Terraria Otherworld

Terraria heads to another world

Terraria is getting a not-sequel – and taking us to another world

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Aliens! Aliens everywhere!

Do you like aliens? Do you like games and movies with aliens in them? Well, let’s talk aliens then

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Casual game feature

How freemium games are tearing you a new one

Freemium games promise free play, with an option to completely rip you off

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Peter Molyneux Header

From the God of God games, to the master of hype

Peter Molyneux has a reputation in gaming for being the master of over-promising and under-delivering – and it is well-deserved

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Gamer number

What is your gamer level?

How deep does your gaming obsession go?

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DnD headline

Get ready for new Dungeons & Dragons PC adventure

Put on your wizard robe and hat, grab your d20s, and let’s go adventuring

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Angry Gamer

Gaming habits that need to stop in 2015

It’s 2015, and gaming is growing up – so should we

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Spider man

Spider-Man is coming home to Marvel

It looks like Spider-Man will finally get to canoodle with the other Avengers

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Game characters you could replace with a potato

And you wouldn’t even miss a thing

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Mass Effect Quiz

Which Mass Effect race are you?

Impress strangers at cocktail parties with your insight into alien races from fictional games

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HD remake

Fan remasterings and remakes – do you play them?

When fans love their games, they really go all out to give them a fresher look and feel

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EA illuminati

Can video games predict the future?

Don’t look now, but the Illuminati may be involved in game development

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Xbox One

Xbox One and LED TV bundles from FNB: deal or no deal?

If you’re in the market for an Xbox One + LED TV bundle, you may be in luck

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How Minecraft’s creator is blowing his millions

What would you buy if you had $1.5 billion? Add a candy wall to that list.

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Dead Rising Watchtower

Video game movies you didn’t know were coming

Hey. There’s a RollerCoaster Tycoon movie in production. As you were.

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Quinton had to learn the hard way that games journalists don't actually play games for a living. No, really, they don't. He's a fan of all things gaming, and gets easily distracted by shiny stuff. He holds a Degree in Journalism, and sometimes he puts it down to do some actual work.


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