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Playstation network January sale

Sony Playstation Network January sale details

Check out the Playstation Network January sale! Its madness inside.

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Cubli header gadgets

Cubli, a robotic cube that can walk and jump

Robot uprisings using armies of tiny cubes? Sure, that could happen.

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AMD Mantle header column

Early Mantle performance indications

A talk at APU13 went completely under the radar, but carries some critical observations about Mantle’s performance.

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Oculus Rift

Virtual reality headset Oculus Rift for mobiles

John Carmack envisions using Oculus VR on mobile devices in the future.

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mobile gamer news

US market dominated by PC and mobile gaming

The US games market is the largest in the world, and posted record results in 2013

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Festive season wish list – gaming monitors

Itching for a new monitor, or just tired of your CRT? Here’s a wishlist you need to see.

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Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 won’t repeat PC mistakes, dodges DLC

From Software doesn’t want to devalue player’s experience with Dark Souls 2 and is working on a good PC version

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Super Awesome Project header news

Functional car made almost entirely out of LEGO

LEGO-gendary build quality, runs on compressed air.

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Gran Turismo 6 economy changed with latest update

The latest update changes the game’s economy completely.

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Electronic Arts 1

EA sued for misleading investors

A group of lawyers will represent investors who lost money following botched Battlefield 4 launch.

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Festive season wish list – hardware

What hardware would you want to see under your tree this Christmas?

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Microsoft Windows XP header news

Microsoft finally tackles Windows XP’s biggest bug

Still suffering with your slow Windows XP? Microsoft is finally working on a solution for that.

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AMD Radeon R7 260

AMD announces the Radeon R7 260 graphics card

Replaces the HD7770, offers more oomph for less money.

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Valve steam machine header hardware

SteamOS, Steam Machine hardware put to the test

Early adopters and prototype testers are giving Steam Machine hardware and the software a thorough thrashing

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Steve Ballmer news

Microsoft CEO apologises for Windows Vista

Steve Ballmer says Windows Vista was his biggest mistake as CEO.

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PS4 hero shot

PS4 dominates worldwide reach versus Xbox One

Xbox One available in 13 countries for the remainder of 2013, while PS4 reaches 48.

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Playstation plus ps header news

Free PS Plus games January 2014 line-up

Sony has announced its PS Plus January 2014 games line-up, bringing more value to Playstation owners.

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Windows phone nokia header gadgets

Microsoft considers offering Windows Phone for free

With Nokia bought up, who would pay them?

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Valve steam machine header hardware

Steam Machine prototypes ship on 13 December

D-Day for Valve

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Electronic Arts 1

EA in legal trouble over buggy Battlefield 4

Electronic Arts be facing investor legal action because of DICE’s Battlefield 4 mistakes

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