Gaming on ADSL just got a little more costly

Telkom’s new prices kick in today, meaning a higher overall ADSL bill for gamers

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Telkom’s latest tariff adjustments kicked in today (1 August 2013), which means online gamers will be paying a little more each month.

There was an overall increase of 1.3% on basic voice and data connectivity services.

Telkom DSL and Telkom Internet monthly service subscription charges remain unchanged. The overall bill of ADSL clients will increase because of higher line rental prices.

Post-paid analogue residential line rentals will increase by 5.8% to R157.00 (Incl VAT) per month and business line rentals will increase by 6.2% to R216.00 (Incl VAT) per month.

The following tables provide an overview of Telkom’s new prices which will became effective on 1 August 2013.

Telkom ADSL costs

From 1 August new ADSL subscribers will pay more for the installation of a new service. Installation charges will increase by 6% and this includes postpaid and DSL services.

DSL line service charges remain unchanged, but the pre-requisite analogue line rental service charge has been increased.

The following table provides an overview of the increase on the basic cost of ADSL access (excluding an ADSL data account) from 1 August 2013.

Telkom residential rates Old prices New prices
Service Line rental ADSL access Total price Line rental ADSL access Total new price
1Mbps R148.37 R165.00 R313.37 R157.00 R165.00 R322.00
2Mbps R148.37 R299.00 R447.37 R157.00 R299.00 R457.00
4/10Mbps R148.37 R425.00 R573.37 R157.00 R425.00 R582.00
Telkom business rates Old prices New prices
Service Line rental ADSL access Total price Line rental ADSL access Total new price
1Mbps R203.35 R165.00 R368.35 R216.00 R165.00 R381.00
2Mbps R203.35 R299.00 R502.35 R216.00 R299.00 R515.00
4/10Mbps R203.35 R425.00 R628.35 R216.00 R425.00 R641.00

Telkom Internet

Telkom Internet monthly service subscription charges remain unchanged.

Bundle category Consumer Bundles (all unchanged) Current Price
Soft Capped Bundles do Basic (1024kbps + 5GB) R219
do Advanced (2,048kbps + 10GB) R395
do Premium (4/10mbps + 20GB) R554
do Premium Plus (4/10mbps + 30GB) R639
do Elite (20mbps + 30GB) R727
do Elite Plus (40mbps + 50GB) R1,099
Uncapped Bundles do Uncapped Basic Bundle R329
do Uncapped Advanced Bundle R459
do Uncapped Premium Bundle R699
do Uncapped Premium Plus Bundle R999
do Uncapped Elite R1,899
do Uncapped Elite Plus R3,499

Telkom services

On the voice side of things, Telkom’s new prices include a decrease in the tariffs for outgoing fixed-to-mobile calls of 3.1% to R1.30 (Incl VAT) per minute during peak time and by 2.7% to R1.05 (Incl VAT) per minute during off-peak time.

Installation charges will increase by 6% and this includes post-paid, PrepaidFone ISDN, and DSL services. Line rental for PrepaidFone (weekly/monthly and Top-up) also increased by 6%.

For an in-depth look at Telkom voice rate increases, head on over to MyBroadband: New Telkom prices kick in

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