PC vs. Console: what to buy?

We finally answer the question everyone has been asking

March 16, 2013
console vs PC 1

When will it end?! The never-ending battle of supremacy over the PC’s and consoles seems to go on and on. But, finally it has come to a halting climax, but we’re here to set the record straight. We will use our incredible gaming forensics and intellect* to uncover the truth about these long time rivals and end the dispute once and for all.


Eye-candy will always be a strong selling point of any platform. How great the visuals and graphics appear from one platform to another will always result in a “mine’s better than yours” situation, but to be fair and realistic about the scenario, games on consoles look fantastic from their release day to their fateful scrapping, and while PC definitely costs an arm-and-a-leg to outpace its TV-side counterparts, the ever-developing hardware keeps PC half a step ahead of the game (no pun intended).

As much as the console fanboys will hate to admit it, PC takes this one.

Xbox vs PC

Crysis 3 (Xbox 360) vs Crysis 3 (PC)

Winner: PC


You’ve bought your brand new copy of Death Killer 12, you stare at the box, read the manual and analyse the disc all the way home. You pop it in your PC CD tray and to your dismay; the minimum requirements make your PC look like an electric toothbrush. Console owners laugh at this notion as they happily plug-and-play with little worry if their beloved home console can play the game, because it will.

I know what you’re thinking, yes the PS3 has installations, but there’s minimal clicking and configuring. Just stick it in, start it up, grab a Coke and prepare the thumbs. Console outshines PC in the accessibility department.

Winner: Consoles

Explosion GPU

Tough requirements can be obstacles for PC gamers.

Extra content

Thanks to those dedicated PC gamers and some generous game developers who leave their creations vulnerable to the wonderful world of modding, the customisation of a PC game is endless.

Modding your character in GTA to look exactly like Britney spears or Obama not only brings many extra hours of enjoyment, but a whole new dimension to a game. Some mods can alter a game so much that, for all you know, it could be a completely different title, giving new experience.

Modding even make some really bad games, good. Unfortunately the console lacks greatly in this department.

Winner: PC

Sonic GTA mod

If you can, why not?


Shelling out your college funds and telling your parents that the requirements for Microsoft Word are too extreme in order to score a new PC may be a bit of a gamble. If all else fails there is always the console. A console will give more bang-for-your-buck and will outlive the PC within the same generation.

Winner: Consoles

Fat cat money

(Pictured above) graphics card producer


At the end of the day, it all comes down to the games. The vast range of titles that you can (or can’t) get your hands on, ultimately decides your choice of platform.

In the past, great consoles with fantastic hardware (that could probably launch missiles) have failed miserably due to the complete lack of quality titles. While PC flaunts the still-untouchable Crysis, and the console boys wave their jaw-dropping Gears of War 3 and Uncharted 3 copies, one can only wonder how to settle this never ending debate.

The fact of the matter is, most games appear on all platforms, and while some benefit from specific hardware or controllers, one great exclusive always seems to even out another. For every Crysis, there’s a Killzone; for every Gears of War, there’s a Command & Conquer; so ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Winner: Draw

Gears Starcraft

Whether you want to be a bro-dude or a dude-bro, every platform has an option.

As much as we like to pull each other’s legs about how much better our preferred platform is than theirs, we are all here to play games and have a good time. So whether you’re an XBOT, PlaySlave or PC Fanboy, MyGaming loves you.

*No intellect whatsoever

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