Most expensive collector’s editions ever

Burning holes in pockets, one bobble-head at a time

August 30, 2012
Collectors editions

Gaming can be a pricy hobby/passion/addiction. Every big release seems to get an equally big incentive with developers and publishers throwing in all kinds of shiny objects to make gamers pay exorbitant amounts, just to say you have it.

We’ve all been guilty of entering borderline bankruptcy for that “one-of-a-kind” Collector’s Edition – but where do we draw the line?

Here are some of the most ridiculous Collector’s Editions* that will fill your heart, and leave a gaping hole in your wallet at the same time.

Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition (R10,400)

Only retailing on the e-Capcom website, this special version costs a little more than one would expect from a collector’s edition – $1,240.

That’s exceeding R10,000. Now you may be asking what you get, and despite the price, the contents are pretty impressive.

People who have to money (and lack of value sense) will get an ultimate edition of the game, four phone covers (one for Leon, Claire, Chris, and a ‘secret’ character), and most importantly, a replica jacket that Leon wears in the game.

The jacket is made from fine soft leather and comes in small to extra-large sizes.

Capcom are also only supplying 5,000 units of the Platinum Edition, so start saving now if you’re determined to walk the streets with a new swanky RE leather jacket.

Stylish, sleek, and completely ridiculous.

Dirt 3 Special Edition (R2,530)

While the Dirt series isn’t something that would usually come with a special bundle, US retailer GameStop put together a Limited Edition deal, which also featured a hefty price tag.

Priced at $300 (R2,530), the Collector’s Edition got you the game (obviously), but most importantly, it came with a remote controlled 7309 Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta, with all the bells and whistles in-tow.

It’s almost like buying a real car, but not at all.

Krater Victor Edition (R84,170)

Krater may not be the most well-known game around, and that’s probably why this bizarre Collector’s Edition deal was thought up.

If you purchase the Krater Victor Edition, you’ll get a visit from the game designer himself.

Victor Magnuson will personally come to your house (wherever in the world), cook you a meal, and watch and help you play the game for the first couple hours.

The Krater Victor Edition will set you back $10,000 (R84,170).

If you’re keen on having Victor Magnuson’s “famous” Swedish meatballs, buy the Krater Victor Edition now.

Victor Magnuson – game designer/cook

Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Collector’s Edition (R87,390)

Okay, so you can’t walk into a store and buy this version, but Naughty Dog did award them as prizes, with some still lurking on eBay.

With only 200 ever made, the Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Collector’s Edition comes with the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves game, a Special Collector’s case signed by the Naughty Dog staff, and replica of the Phurba Dagger and stand from the game, a collectible art book and the game’s soundtrack.

Great, right? Not really, as the Collector’s Edition will set you back $10,379.99 (R87,390) if you buy it right now.

You may have to stab yourself with the dagger after realising you could’ve bought a jet-ski.

*These are not including peripheral-based games. i.e. Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Pony Hero.

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