The most expensive PC ever created

No budget, no problem!

November 28, 2012
Most expensive PC ever

What’s the most expensive PC money can buy? I decided to find out.

The rules were simple – pretty much any component counted, whether or not it would actually work with the other components. So basically just like building a regular desktop PC. To maintain the strictest, most rigorous scientific credibility, I cross-checked component prices across multiple online vendors and other reputable tech sources to obtain the most outrageously inflated and/or misprinted prices.

Video – Nvidia Quadro Plex 7000

Technically, the Nvidia Quadro Plex isn’t a regular video card, it’s an external GPU system packing two 6 GB Quadro FX 6000s that connects to a host PC via a special PCI Express card, and supports up to eight displays. It also weighs about 10 kilos. Will it run Crysis? Probably not, because it’s designed for big enterprise 3D rendering, but that’s not the point. Besides, I’m sure enough complaints on HelloPeter will persuade Nvidia to release a software update to add support for Crysis. Maybe.

Price: R127,500

Nvidia Quadro Plex 7000


This is almost definitely a misprint, but rules are rules, and this is the most expensive RAM I could find for sale. So it totally counts.

Price: R440,000


According to the page info, these are actually also refurbished. But maybe these were refurbished with weapons-grade titanium and their own Bavarian castle.

CPU – BAE Systems Electronic Solutions RAD750

Designed and built for high-radiation environments, the RAD750 was most recently added to the Mars Curiosity rover’s tech loadout. If it can process the unfathomable infinity of space, it can launch Steam. Or not, because it has a clock speed of just 200 MHz.

Price: R1.7 million

Curiosity rover

Curiosity rover sold separately.

Motherboard – Asus M5A88-M EVO

This way overpriced motherboard is definitely not going to be compatible with our RAD750, so maybe factor in another couple of million for repairs and replacements.

Price: R60,000

Asus M5A88-M EVO motherboard

Try more solder – 0.02% of the time, it works every time.

Hard drive – HP 320GB IO MLC Accelerator

Unfortunately, the $30,000 ANDRA sapphire hard drive was disqualified because you can’t actually buy one, which is rather a shame because it also has an estimated lifespan of 1 million years. Fortunately, this Hewlett-Packard 320 GB solid state drive four-pack bundle was even more expensive.

Price: R408,000

HP 600281-B21 320 GB Plug-in Module Solid State Drive

You might want to double up on them, though – 2 TB is pretty much a minimum these days.

Monitor – NEC MultiSync LCD8205 82″ display

Since our GPU system supports up to eight displays, it just makes sense to get eight of these.

Price: R4,248,000 (R531,000 x 8)

NEC MultiSync LCD8205

Farmville is gonna look so epic.

Case – Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

Because, you know, why not? If you’re going to spend this much money on parts, I think it’s only appropriate to put them in a stealth jet. Anything less would be skimping. I mean, you could build you PC inside a R300 plastic case, or you could fly your PC over entire cities, dropping bombs and screaming bloody vengeance at every person who ever told you your old Genius sound card was crap. I’m sure we all know which is the more impressive option.

Price: Approximately R8.5 trillion

Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

There’s probably space for a beer fridge too.

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