Top 5 iOS games

What’s the top of the game list on the iTunes App Store?

March 11, 2013
iOS game

Mobile gaming is not to be overlooked, and the iTunes app store has a host of great games on offer – both paid and free.

In terms of the games, the iTunes app charts reveals the top 5 downloaded games that are available, including Catapult Madness, Ragdoll Blaster 2, Bubble Shooter Free, NudeRunner – Girl Edition and Stick Wars.

Catapult Madness

Catapult Madness is a physics-based launching game in vein of Angry Birds, but instead of trying to knock down towers, you’re trying to get distance and avoid obstacles.

The game features a colourful animated style, with a fair bit of cartoon violence to add to the fun.

Catapult Madness

Catapult Madness

Ragdoll Blaster 2

Ragdoll Blaster takes a different spin on the physics based games, and requires players to shoot ragdolls from a canon in order to solve environmental puzzles.

Backflip Studios did a great job with Ragdoll Blaster 2, as it requires some solid reaction time and accuracy, as opposed to just tapping the screen aimlessly.

Ragdoll Blaster 2

Ragdoll Blaster 2

Bubble Shooter Free

Bubble Shooter Free is, as the name suggests, a free shooting game along the lines of the typical colour-matching bubble-breaking game.

The game does feature a touch interface, allowing players to touch where they want to shoot bubbles, as opposed to aiming the traditional pointer.

Bubble Shooter Free

Bubble Shooter Free

NudeRunner – Girl Edition

NudeRunner – Girl Edition is a little bit of a strange game. You play a girl who has a knack for running around stores naked, which should appeal to those streakers in hiding.

You have to avoid the store security guards, and the longer you do, the more points you rack up.

Pretty weird, and pretty addictive.

Nude Runner

Nude Runner

Stick Wars

Stick Wars is one of the most interesting looking and innovative games on the iOS platform.

The game requires you to defend a wall from an opposing stickmen army. You can grab and throw enemy stickmen and shoot at the enemies using a wizard-like stickman of your own. Build up cash to create new barriers and obstacles for the opposing forces.

The further along you get, the more intense the enemies get, as catapults, dragons and giant stickmen will begin to rush your stronghold.

Stick Wars

Stick Wars

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