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May 11, 2013
news roundup

This week, gamers were not-really-surprised by the inevitable announcement of The Sims 4, while also being surprised by rumours surrounding a EA South Africa closure.

On top of that, and in light of the news that EA has gotten the rights to publish Star Wars games, we looked at the 5 Star Wars games that we want to see, the worst games of 2013 (so far), and the top selling games in SA for Q1.


Star Wars games we want to see
Worst user rated games of 2013 (so far)
Games you can play this week
May the fourth be with you
NZXT H630 chassis is a full-tower behemoth
Seagate joins the consumer SSD race

Local news

SA dev on Muti, Kickstarter campaign cut
EA South Africa is closing down: report
Top selling games in SA: Q1 2013 report
SA DDR3 memory pricing roundup
Help revitalise SA dev’s Reload Kickstarter campaign
HIVE gaming hubs opening nationwide
BT Games stands by BioShock competition winner
The Walking Dead SA retail date, pricing confirmed
SA COD 4 Community Cup tournament opens for registration
Help SA dev get to E3

News you should check out

Dead Space film eyed by John Carpenter
14-year-old gamer slashes friend’s throat over GoW
World of WarCraft subscribers down 1.3-million
Assassin’s Creed creator fired from Ubisoft
EA dropping gun brand names in games
Call of Duty gamer attempts rape, then shoots mother
Wolfenstein: The New Order revealed
Fight giant robots against colossal sea monsters
Disney hires EA to make Star Wars games
Sims 4 a “single-player offline experience”
Diablo 3 patch introduces gold duping bug
Humble Bundle brings awesome Double Fine action
Gmod aims to make game modding easy
GTA V for PC confirmed?
Skyrim mod adds giant monsters

Videos you should check out

Videos you need to see
Experimental headset makes you feel like Daredevil

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