5 reasons to switch to PES 2014

MyGaming goes eyes-on with Konami’s next football contender to see if it can de-throne the FIFA king

August 23, 2013
PES 2014 feature

Every year, gamers are rewarded with a new instalments of the market’s biggest footballing rivals, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer.

With PES 2014, Konami is mixing it up with some new features and hooks that may just lure in those who have traditionally leant towards EA’s FIFA offering.

FOX engine

PES 2014 is running on Konami’s impressive FOX engine, which is also powering Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The game looks smoother and more fluid than it ever has, giving a really authentic visual experience in the game. PES has always prided itself on its accurate faces, resembling the real-life player counterparts, and PES 2014 takes it to a new level.

The Fox Engine also allows for animations and movements to blend seamlessly, as players can transition from dribbling to running, or slide tackling to running in a seamless and impressive way.

PES 2014

PES 2014

Master League

The Master League, which allows you to manage a team through multiple seasons, is back and revamped this year.

Players can now not only switch to a different league, but they can also coach the national side.

There is also a new budget system which keeps coaches operating within a certain budget and maintaining realism, rather than just purchasing the world’s best players with ease.

Reworked controls

PES 2014 has new reworked controls, allowing anyone from a rookie level to expert to benefit from the new control scheme.

Players can dribble, move and shoot in a much more intuitive and reactive way, making the daunting depth of previous PES titles seem approachable and understandable.

PES 2014

PES 2014

11 v 11 online play

11 v 11 online play finally arrives with PES 2014, and players will be able to take a full team of friends (or strangers) against another.

Players will also be rewarded according to their performance within their position and roles, giving incentive to players to stick to their tasks for a better overall team performance, instead of everyone trying to score.

The 11 v 11 online play will become available with the October 2013 patch of the game.

Training is accessible

The training system of PES has always kept people guessing rather than actually learning about the game, and in a bigger effort to attract gamers to the franchise, the tutorial system and process has been redone.

Players can now do basic, intermediate and advanced tutorials, which more clearly describe and teach the player how to do the impressive stuff we always see in trailers and gameplay snippets.

PES 2014 launches on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in September 2013.

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