5 stupid gadgets you don’t need

Check out some gadgets that you may want, but really do not need

March 6, 2013
5 Stupid Gadgets you dont need

We at MyGaming are fans of trinkets, gadgets, knick-knacks and novelty items, but there are some gadgets that are just plain pointless, and end up costing you more than benefiting.

Smart Glove Touch Glove for iPhone – R150.00

How lazy do you have to be to not remove your glove if it’s obstructing your fingers?

This Smart Glove Touch Glove for iPhone is made from “secret conductive material” that is woven into the forefinger, middle finger and thumb of the “stylish” gloves.


Mi Train Journey – R350

If sitting around on a train is not boring enough for you, you can now take the experience home.

The Mi Train Journey offers “all the mystery and thrill of rail travel without the tedium or expense of actually sitting on a train”.

But wait, you don’t get any pre-loaded scenery with your purchase; you’ll have to “film a journey on your smartphone or download someone else”.

Sounds fun.


Black diamond iPhone Mood Lamp & Docking Station – R643.08

You may have seen a lot of these type of docks, but don’t be fooled, this one doesn’t have any speakers.

It is merely a mood lamp. All you have to do is download the app and select your lighting preferences, pop your phone in the dock, and boom – sub-par LED lighting effects.


Powerplus Marlin Salt Water Powered Car Kit – R265.00

Playing with toy cars is awesome, but requiring more effort than running a real car is not something you want to associate fun with.

The Powerplus Marlin requires salt water and fuel strips to work, and while the technology is impressive, mixing up some salt water, plus getting more fuel cell strips could become a parent’s nightmare.


Car Emoticon & Message LED Display – R995.00

If driving isn’t dangerous enough, how about giving you another overpriced distraction to put alongside your cellphone.

The Car Emoticon and Message LED display bundle comes with a watch and small LED display.

The display is attached to your back window, and the watch controls the images or messages displayed on the screen.

All you have to (try) to do, while driving, is press the small and near-unreadable buttons on the watch to signal other drivers.

Is there an emoticon for negligent driving?


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