Intel Haswell launch date

Intel’s latest processor family now has an official launch date

April 29, 2013
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Intel revealed over the weekend that Haswell, the successor to Ivy Bridge, will be launched on June 3rd 2013 – a day before Computex 2013 begins.

Intel Haswell countdown

Intel Haswell countdown

Few companies can claim to be as geeky as Intel. The company tweeted the above image on April 26th and posted it in its newsroom blog. At the time of posting, it was 8:00AM Pacific time on the West coast of America.

3,337,200,000,000,000 nanoseconds worked out to 38 days and 15 hours, which puts the Haswell launch on June 3 at 11:00 PM PDT—or June 4 at 1:00 AM EDT, if you live on the East Coast.

Here in South Africa, that means that Haswell will launch at approximately 8AM on June 4th, so those of you glued to your screens by that point will be able to eat your breakfast and have coffee while watching the Live Stream from Computex Taipei, where retiring CEO Paul Otellini may give his last keynote and product reveal.

Core i7-4770K box shot

Core i7-4770K box shot

In related news, box shots of the retail version of the Core i7-4770K have leaked onto the internet. VR-Zone on Friday, 26 April, revealed what it claims are the final box shots of the Core i7-4770K, Intel’s flagship processor for the LGA1150 socket.

Every processor box from Intel to date has had a special theme to it. Their black Extreme Edition boxes don’t carry any words or images, just a die shot of the chip itself. The Haswell box has the question, “What will you make?”, suggesting that Intel sees its chips as the preferential choice for designers and creative people.

Intel Haswell pricing

Intel Haswell pricing

As we previously noted, the pricing for Intel’s Core i7-4770K should be similar to the tray pricing that OEMs pay, which is said to be $327 or R2,975.70 at the time of writing. Note that tray pricing is for people who buy 1,000 chips at a time without the retail boxing. Its very likely that the final price locally will be a lot higher at around R3500.

Sources: Intel, VR-Zone
Exchange rate: R9.10 to the Dollar

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