Spy photos of GTX780, GTX770 appear online

Fudzilla also has some information about the hardware.

May 10, 2013
GeForce GTX hardware header

Nvidia’s next-generation of graphics cards may only be a month away, according to new rumors and some recent spy shots.

The Geforce 700 series was slated to not be released this year, but rumors kept on circulating around the internet of a mid-2013 release, but with current technology. A forum user on Chiphell has now surfaced with some shots of the GTX770 and the GTX780, both using the same cooler design found on the GTX Titan.

Our Mandarin is almost non-existent (Hurrah for Google translate), but there are no details on the actual cards or what’s powering them. The cooler designs are both identical to the GTX Titan, employing a single blower fan with a heatsink covering all the memory chips and capacitors, with a metal shroud and plexiglass over the heatsink itself.

Fudzilla, however, seems to think that the GTX770 is merely a stock GTX680 at a lower price. In turn, they quote anonymous sources claiming further that the GTX760 Ti will be a slightly cut down GTX680, the GTX750 Ti will be a rebranded GTX670 and the GTX660 Ti will fill in for the GTX750. If that seems a bit absurd, they also claim that the GTX780 will be a cut-down version of the GTX Titan on a 256-bit memory bus.

No details were mentioned about the Titan itself changing, so it will likely remain at its price point as it’s not really a Geforce product, but a repurposed Tesla K5000. There were no details regarding a dual-GPU Geforce 700-series card, so it’s now a waiting game to see what happens next.

Fudzilla also said their sources mentioned a May 16 reveal for the “new” Geforce family.

Source: Chiphell, Fudzilla

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