Intel Haswell CPU family: SA price comparison

A few months after the Haswell launch, how is pricing for the new processor family today?

September 11, 2013
Intel Haswell header

This roundup will look at prices for various Intel Haswell processors to see which SA store is offering the cheapest deal. We’ll be looking at a few retailers familiar to MyGaming readers, and in the end we’ll pick a value winner; the chip (or chips) that everyone should be aiming for.

Intel’s Haswell processor family officially launched on 3 June 2013 to a lot of fanfare, but not a lot of praise. While the processor family doesn’t change much in terms of performance, the main changes were made to the integrated graphics, the memory controller, a newly integrated voltage modulator, and new power states, including a very low sleep state.

Intel has been pursuing better power efficiency rather than all-out speed, at the expense of any real speed improvements between processor generations.

The table below shows the prices of various Intel desktop processors available from local retailers. The lowest prices are highlighted in Bold. For the purposes of this roundup, products listed as “Sold Out”, “Contact for availability” or “Out of stock” will be included in the table. Prices are listed in South African Rands (R).

Newly announced processors in the Core i7, i5, i3 and Pentium range will be included where possible – please note that pricing on these products is tentative, and subject to change thanks to our fluctuating exchange rate.

Intel Haswell processor
Rebel Tech Wootware Ikonix Titan-Ice Prophecy
Pentium G3220 (3.0GHz, 2 threads)  714
Pentium G3420 (3.2GHz, 2 threads)  978
Pentium G3430 (3.3GHz, 2 threads)  1105
Core i3-4130 (3.4GHz, 4 threads)  1407
Core i3-4330 (3.5GHs, 4 threads)  1650
Core i3-4340 (3.6Ghz, 4 threads)  1894
Core i5-4430 (3.0GHz, 4 threads)  2234  2399  2303  2349  2318.65
Core i5-4440 (3.1GHz, 4 threads)  2343  2484  2449
Core i5-4570 (3.2GHz, 4 threads)  2405  2482  2488  2549  2495.46
Core i5-4670 (3.4GHz, 4 threads)  2677  2649  2749  2799  2773.85
Core i5-4670K (3.4GHz, 4 threads)  2894  2795  2981  3049  3003.33
Core i7-4770 (3.4Ghz, 8 threads)  3721  3750  3840  3899  3825.97
Core i7-4771 (3.5GHz, 8 threads)  4028  4142  4199
Core i7-4770K (3.5GHz, 8 threads)  4168  3999  4294  4349  4285.73

The current exchange rate with the United States Dollar puts our prices at a rather unfavourable level. The pricing between retailers is so tight that the differences in some cases amounts to a burger meal at Spur.

Rebeltech and Wootware are trading blows, while the other retailers seem to be trying to price-match and beat each other without losing much profit. However, any advantages a retailer gains in pricing may change when shipping costs are added to the final price.

And the winner is…

The value winner in this roundup is the Core i5-4570 at an average price of R2,483.89. It boasts four cores running at 3.2GHz boosting up to 3.6GHz for intensive applications, 6MB of L3 cache, integrated Intel HD4600 graphics, and a low 85W TDP (Thermal Design Power).

For those of you building a system for gaming that uses motherboards based on the H87 chipset or lower, this is the best processor to buy in that price range. It’ll do well in gaming and office scenarios and Intel’s HD4600 graphics is even powerful enough to run a lot of games on low settings at 720p.

Sharing the value award, the Core i5-4670K also makes a lot of sense for gamers on the Z87 platform. Most games aren’t scaling beyond four cores for the moment, and the extra base clock speed as well as the unlocked multiplier makes it far better value than the Core i7-4770K, which easily costs R1,000 more.

Exchange rate: R9.99 to US $1, 9 September 2013

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