Hackers stealing Sony's internal stuff this morning, Sony yet to notice

Hackers@Sony: "we're making off with a bunch of your internal stuff right now and you haven't even noticed?"

May 31, 2011

So hacker collective ‘LulzSec’ has recently been smack talking Sony on twitter, promising among other that “this is the beginning of the end for Sony”.

On the flip side of the coin, Sony has said that it plans to get most of the PSN’s services back up this week.

Just a few minutes ago, LulzSec tweeted the following at Sony:

Hey @Sony, you know we’re making off with a bunch of your internal stuff right now and you haven’t even noticed? Slow and steady, guys.

Nobody knows exactly what “internal stuff” the hackers are referring to, but we can expect more to be revealed over the course of the day.

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