Your mom was wrong!

Your mom

Did you ever want to get into video game development, but your mom just kept putting you down?

Well, this mid-1990’s American advert for an online college is going to blow her mind.

It’s not all fun and games though – no sooner have you finished tightening up the graphics on level 3, and the boss wants an entire new game designed. Still, living the dream, right?

On a serious note, if you are considering a career in video game development, there are some great options to consider in SA. Check out the links below for more information

Game development news

Where to study game design in South Africa

WITS Game Design course off to a solid start

Friends of Design – SA’s big thing in game development education

5 best game studios

Adobe makes Flash game development easy

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  • Vixremento

    Dammit…I live in Texas.

  • Axon1988

    You telling me there are no options in Texas? GTFO! 😛

  • Guest

    Well the video is from like way back and at the end it says “not intended for residents of Texas or Massachusetts”…oh and I don’t really live in Texas lol…but yes I’m pretty sure these days there are plenty of options regardless of where you live. lol.