Bethesda wants public testers for unannounced games

Fallout and Skyrim creators are looking for playtesters, but won’t say what they will be playing.

December 5, 2013

Bethesda Softwowks has recently advertised that it is looking for playtesters of all shapes, sizes and ages for playing through games that the company is currently working on.

The playtesters need to be located in the Dallas or Fort Worth areas ideally to prevent players from having to take long trips to Bethesda’s offices, but the offer extends to any gamer living in the United States.

The playtesters will get an hour or two of playtime with the games and Bethesda may reward them with some swag or a few free games for their troubles. The testers will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and if the initial testing and feedback goes well, Bethesda will give the testers more opportunities to give feedback on games currently in development. Gamers cannot participate if they work for a video game developer, or publisher, or are journalists who review video games.

We are looking for players of all skill levels and gaming backgrounds,” writes Bethesda on their blog. “It is important for us to know how the game feels for everyone, so even if you are not very good at video games you can still apply.”

Although many game publishers and developers invite members of the public to try out their games beforehand to give feedback to the developers on how the game is doing, this announcement in particular is very close to the VGX awards, where it is expected that Bethesda may make an appearance and announce a new title for the Fallout series.

A dedicated site that has been teasing fans about a story that appears to take place in the Fallout universe has been hinting at a reveal before the end of the year and the countdown timer on ends on 11 December.The timing may be purely coincidental, but the teaser site has set tongues wagging and fans are eager to jump into the Wasteland once more as a Pipboy-toting mass murderer of flying insects and Deathclaws trying to save humanity.

While Bethesda has a number of games that are being worked on in their studios, the games being tested could also be The Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Evil Within, Prey 2, or possibly even DOOM 4.

2014 will be a busy year for the games publisher, and it would be so much sweeter if Fallout 4 was added into the mix.

Source: Bethesda Softworks

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