Top 5 weirdest PC cases

MyGaming rounds up some of the creepiest cases we can find

February 7, 2013
5 Weirdest PC cases

Some PC mods are so good that they’re worth celebrating, but there are some that are a little too weird, including some high-tech taxidermy and a design you can take to the grave.

Beaver case

The Beaver case is a prime example of creativity meeting pure creepiness.

The case is a result of taxidermy and case modding skills coming together. Kasey McMahon, an animal stuffer by trade, created the case by solidifying the inside of the animal, and cutting pockets for the relevant PC components.

The “Compubeaver” houses a Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 160GB hard drive, 1GB of memory and a mini-ITX motherboard.

Check out more on the creation of the Beaver case.

Beaver Case

Leela PC case

Inspired by Futurama, the Leela PC case is one of the creepiest things to ever exist, ever.

The case was made by Norway’s Jan Erik Vangen, who used a clothing store exhibition doll, and fitted a PC within its back.

The doll was decorated with pressurised foam, and painted to fulfil the appearance of Leela.

A webcam was even embedded in her eye, an LCD screen in her wrist and a USB drive in her thumb.

Check out more on the creation of the Leela case.

Leela PC case


We’ve got to admire the work that went into Kanna Higashi & Katsuya Matsumura’s Kana PC case, but we can’t deny its creepiness.

The modding duo used styrene foam, wire frames and clay to build the life-size anime-inspired nurse.

Kana includes a VIA C3 1GHz Nehemiah CPU, a HITACHI DK23AA-12 12GB hard drive, a DVD writer and Seventeam ST-150SL power supply.

Check out more the creation of the Kana case.

Kana PC case

Animatronic head PC case

Why someone would build something so terrifying needs to be asked.

This PC case acts as a pedestal for something more sinister – an animatronic head.

The head can move to the user’s desire, and it’s also something you probably don’t want sitting in your bedroom corner at night.

Animatronic PC case

Coffin case

If you’ve ever wanted to take your PC to the grave with you, one modder has given you the answer.

The mod features a PC mounted inside the base of a full-sized coffin, with an LCD screen embedded in the lid of the coffin, slide-out keyboard and glowing cross on the top.

Perfect for those looking for their final 146 hour Starcraft 2 marathon.

Coffin PC case

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