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Warlords of Draenor news

World of Warcraft expansion – will you need to upgrade your hardware?

Blizzard answers WoW player’s questions about Warlords of Draenor’s graphical improvements

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Humble Mobile Bundle 5

Humble Mobile Bundle 5 now available

Pay what you want for these six android games

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Batman Arkham Knight Screenshots

Batman: Arkham Knight screenshot bonanza

Come one, come all, and bask in the beauty that is Batman: Arkham Knight

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Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is coming to Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Ghosts has one tight DLC coming at ya’ll soon

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Dark Souls 2 release date for PC announced

Dark Souls 2 players love killing dogs

The “Stray Hound” is being murdered at a furious pace in Dark Souls 2

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Star Citizen crowdfunding reaches $42 million

You can stop handing them your money now

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Gamers want more than girls in bikinis

Ubisoft Toronto studio head Jade Raymond is fed up with video games that “treat gamers like idiots.”

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Half-Life finished in under 21 minutes

A Speed-running collective has smashed the previous record of 29 minutes and 41 seconds

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Battlefield 4 news

Battlefield 4 has yet another bug

Hide behind a wounded soldiers and an invisible “death shield” will protect you from tank shells

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Watch Dogs Aiden Pearce news

Watch Dogs “Ultra” PC specs revealed

If you thought the recommended specs were high, take a look at these

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84 EA intros in one video

Take a trip down memory lane with a video tribute to Electronic Arts and their gaming intros

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ADSL capacity upgrade stymied by Telkom: Afrihost

Telkom has delayed Afrihost’s IPC upgrade again, leaving the ISP with limited capacity on its network

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GTA 5 news 1

European Game Awards winners announced

No surprises when it came to this year’s overall winner

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Clueless Gamer

Conan O’Brien plays PS4, and is rubbish

The TV show host chose a 22m high stadium screen to show off his gaming skills

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Infamous Second Son logo header

InFamous: Second Son breaks the million mark

The PS4 exclusive has bolted out of the gates since its launch

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Battlefield 4 Premium soldier header

Battlefield 4 gets updates and fixes

DICE has announced a silent update that will hopefully improve your BF4 experience

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Blizzard files new trademark

Could there be a new game in the works?

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Happy Gamer

Xbox control senses your emotions

Stanford University engineers have built a controller that lets them know if you are bored or excited by a game. They could have just asked…

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The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online – new content revealed

Take a look at the land of Craglorn, but do not venture into it alone!

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Marriage Proposal

Skyrim amulet helps man propose

Rings are for noobs, game items are what really make the ladies swoon

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