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Nvidia SLI Header

Great graphics cards of 2014

2014 saw many sweet video cards released – here are some of the better ones

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MSI Radeon R9 290X Gaming Edition 512bit 8GB

New 8GB AMD R9 290X gets SA pricing

8GB of VRAM – which drunk Greek God created this card?

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AMD R9 285

AMD Radeon R9 285 specs, impressions, SA price

AMD has unveiled its latest graphics card, the R9 285

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Nvidia-VS-AMD-Radeon (1)

AMD and Nvidia trade blows over Watch Dogs PC performance

Nvidia has denied claims by AMD that Watch Dogs was made to only work well on Nvidia systems

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Watch Dogs: new Nvida, AMD graphics drivers released

AMD and Nvidia serve up new drivers to mark the release of Watch Dogs, and make sure the game looks as good as possible

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AMD vs Intel vs Nvidia

AMD vs Nvidia vs Intel – who is king in SA?

PC parts suppliers and PC builders discuss which CPU and GPU brands reign supreme in South Africa

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AMD Radeon R9 295X2 header

AMD Radeon R9 295X2: the world’s fastest graphics card

Also the most powerful, according to AMD. Yes, the price tag matches their claims

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DirextX logo

DirectX 12 detailed – will you need a new GPU?

Microsoft, AMD, and Nvidia have unveiled DirectX 12 – but will you need new hardware to use it?

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AMD announced new AM1 platform

AMD announces new AM1 platform for Kabini APU

AMD’s low-power, small form factor APU is getting a home on the desktop with the launch of the AM1 platform

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AMD Gaming Evolved news header

AMD and Raptr team up to offer free games

AMD and Raptr have announced the AMD Rewards program which gives AMD users the chance to earn free games

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AMD Richland header

AMD posts R900 million loss despite next-gen console boost

AMD saw significant revenue boost from next-gen console sales, but it’s still not running at a profit

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Battlefield 4 news

AMD Mantle delayed due to Battlefield 4 bugs

AMD and DICE have decided to hold on to their Mantle API update while Battlefield 4 bugs are fixed

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AMD Mantle header column

Early Mantle performance indications

A talk at APU13 went completely under the radar, but carries some critical observations about Mantle’s performance.

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Festive season wish list – hardware

What hardware would you want to see under your tree this Christmas?

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AMD Radeon R7 260

AMD announces the Radeon R7 260 graphics card

Replaces the HD7770, offers more oomph for less money.

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AMD Richland header

AMD Kaveri APU gaming specs detailed

According to leaked specs, AMD is pushing Kaveri as an all-round performer.

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Xbox One motherboard teardown

Xbox One APU doesn’t measure up to PS4: analysis

Analysis of the Xbox One APU shows it doesn’t match up to the processing power of the PS4, but Microsoft has a compensation plan

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Sony PS4 teardown hardware

PS4 APU analysis reveals surprises

Die shots of the APU reveal some surprising details and provide a look into AMD’s future products.

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AMD Radeon R9 290X header hardware

AMD Radeon R9 270 review roundup

The R9 270 replaces the HD7870 with more performance and a lower price tag.

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AMD Mantle header column

AMD Mantle API poised to revolutionise PC gaming

AMD’s Mantle API claimed to be much more efficient than DirectX, and can run on Nvidia and Intel graphics hardware as well

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