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iPhone 6 launch date for SA

Apple has announced the launch date for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in South Africa

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iPhone 6, 6 Plus unveiled by Apple

The new iPhones are here – is it time to become a mobile gamer?

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Apple iPhone 5s iOS 8 news

Apple iOS 8 introduces Metal API for “console class 3D”

Apple eschews OpenGL with its own new 3D hardware API called Metal, promising game developers the ability to “bring console-class 3D games to mobile devices”

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Need for Speed Rivals header news

SA’s coolest gaming brands

The Sunday Times Generation Next awards has named this year’s coolest brands according to a survey conducting among SA youth

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Weed Firm

Apple decides what’s good for you, bans weed dealer game

Apple has axed a top ranking game that allows you to play as a weed kingpin

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Old-school PCs vs today’s smartphones

Back in the 80s, PC gaming couldn’t have been that great – considering it was done on a 320×200 resolution screen

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SA price increase incoming on Apple iTunes store

App Store developers have been warned of retail price hikes for 5 currencies, including South African Rand

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iTunes SA voucher codes now available through FNB

Gamers on the SA iTunes store can now buy vouchers through FNB

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Apple TV South Africa news

Apple biting into motion controls?

Apple has acquired the Kinect sensor developer, PrimeSense

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iPad Mini with Retina and iPad Air

New iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina revealed

Apple had revealed updates to its range of iPad and iPad mini tablet PC devices

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Apple iTunes games finally launched in SA

The iTunes App Store is now carrying the games category for South Africa, with games priced in Rand

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Infinity Blade 3

Infinity Blade 3 announced

Epic Games has announced the final entry in the iOS-exclusive Infinity Blade series – Infinity Blade III.

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iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s revealed, boasts mobile gaming features

iPhone 5s features a 64-bit A7 chip with OpenGL 3.0 support, and a new co-processor for power efficiency

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External GPU Macbook Air Borderlands 2

Impressive GPU mod has games running on Macbook Air

An enterprising modder creates an external GPU for the Macbook Air using Thunderbolt.

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matrix hacking news header

US spies exploiting backdoors in computer hardware?

Rumors suggest that backdoors in computer hardware may have been intentionally left open for the NSA.

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Leap Motion

Leap Motion controller reviews take a dive

It’s innovative and quite awesome, but its not as polished as reviewers would like.

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Sony changes DRM restrictions for future digital content

Video Unlimited purchases will now show up on all your Sony devices.

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Crysis 3 news

CryEngine coming to Linux

Crytek looking to port CryEngine to Linux

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windows 8 header

Windows 8 eats more of Vista market share

It also appears to be increasing steadily, despite unfavourable public reviews

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Infinity Blade

Free iPhone, iPad games and apps this week

Apple celebrates the App Store’s fifth birthday by delivering some free games and apps to iOS users

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