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Unreal engine 4

Gaming engines of the future

We take a look at which engines will be powering the top titles of 2014

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Crytek praises Xbox One power

“We can now do on console what we could do on PC”

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Crysis 3 news

CryEngine coming to Linux

Crytek looking to port CryEngine to Linux

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CryEngine 3 tech demo blows minds

French company shows off what it can do with Crytek’s baby

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Darksiders Art

Crytek chasing Darksiders IP

Apocalyptic hack-‘n-slash could find its home at Crytek USA

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Crytek logo

Crytek gives Vigil team a second life

Crytek opens a new studio with a dark side

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Crysis 3 reveal screenshot 4

Crysis 3 to push consoles, with PC leading the way

CryEngine – melting PC’s and overheating consoles since ’07.

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Tech Demo Header

5 Tech demos that made an impact

And how they delivered on their promises

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