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R600 for AAA games is insane

Bulletstorm’s creative director talks about working with big publishers on AAA titles, and what gamers want from a game

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Gaming gore – I’ll take mine well done please

Can you stomach a healthy serving of blood and guts?

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Dead space

Dead Space free on Origin

Yes, it is a bit old, but it’s free. So don’t complain.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Game trilogies that need the next-gen treatment

I want it on the PS4/Xbox One, and I want it now

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video game movies casting call

Video game movie casting call

MyGaming looks at who should play who in some inevitable film adaptations of our beloved video games

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Dead Space

Dead Space film eyed by John Carpenter

Legendary sci-fi and horror director would be interested in directing Dead Space

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Dead Space Plasma Cutte

Check out a real Dead Space plasma cutter

A working, rotating plasma cutter replica has been built

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gaming hero disorders

What’s wrong with gaming’s heroes?

What disorders are our favourite game protagonists suffering from?

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Dead Space 3 news

[FALSIFIED] Dead Space 4 cancelled, Visceral Games dismembered

Dead Space series’ future halted following poor sales and a reported restructuring

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5 limb tearing games

Top 5 limb-tearing games

Time to cringe at those that pride themselves on dismemberment

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Dead Space 3 news

EA won’t patch Dead Space 3 infinite item farming “glitch”

EA explains that free resources were part of the design plan all along

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Dead Space header

Dead Space facts you need to know

Find out what you need to know before taking on the Necromorphs again

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Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 – resurgent horror or benign evil?

We round up review opinion on Dead Space 3 to see how it has faired in the cold vacuum of video game criticism

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Dead Space 3 watch

Dead Space 3 watch goes on sale

EA delivers Dead Space fashion accessory

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Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 gets Kinect voice commands

In space, no one can hear you scream, except Kinect

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Dead Space 3 header

Dead Space 3: should your PC fear it?

EA has dropped the PC specs for Dead Space 3

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zombie games header

A Brief History of Zombie Games

From shamblers to necromorphs, deadly jokes are free

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Gory games that you can play header

Gory games that you can play

Get that soap ready, this is going get messy…

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Dead Space 3 banner

Dead Space 3 screenshots leak out

Isaac returns for more mutated misfortune and co-op action.

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Dead Space 3 short header 1

Dead Space 3 co-op partner revealed?

Animated short introduces new character into Dead Space universe.

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