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Civilization: Beyond Earth review roundup

The scores are in for Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth

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duke nukem forever

Get in a PC time machine with 3D Realms

32 games, two decades of action, one gaming bundle

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PlayStation 4 news

PlayStation 4 selling for R5,599 – but hurry

Kalahari has announced in an early-morning press release that it will be selling the standard PlayStation 4 bundle for R5,599

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Piggy Bank

This week’s best gaming deals

Here are this week’s best gaming bargains

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The longest console life cycles

Find out which console takes the honour of having lived the longest – plus, there is a surprise entry

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Dragon Age: Inquisition pre-order price roundup

Dragon Age: Inquisition will cost you this many gold pieces

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Pirate flag

Top 10 most pirated PC games

Over thar, on the starboard bow… it be a PC pirate

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Beware of the GTA 5 PC, next-gen Beta

Rockstar has issued a warning to those looking to sign up for the GTA 5 beta

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rAge 2014

rAge 2014 – This is how big it was

How many people attended, how many gamers lugged their PC to the LAN, and how much data was downloaded at rAge 2014

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Building a PC

PC Gaming: A Beginner’s Guide – What’s inside a gaming PC?

So, what exactly is inside those flashy cases?

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Far Cry 4 pre-order price roundup

Straight to the point – here’s how much Far Cry 4 will cost

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Fist of Jesus

Fight zombies with Jesus and his powerful fists

Fists, fish, and flesh-eating zombies – only Jesus can save us

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The best of the PlayStation 3

Let’s take a look back at what made the PS3 great

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It’s not too late to start playing these games

Worried you have missed the gaming bus for a good title? Don’t be – it’s not too late to start playing these games

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Spaceships and Suicidal Pigs – games you can play this week

Here are the new titles you can sample this week

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Large Pixel Collider Header

Large Pixel Collider – What would it cost in SA?

I have been waiting to say that a PC costs more than a car, and that opportunity has finally arrived

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Duke Nukem Forver

The most delayed games ever

Think a six month game delay is frustrating? Try waiting 14 years for your favourite title to be released

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Fibre broadband connections you can actually afford

MTN has released its latest fibre-to-the-home broadband tariffs, with entry-level pricing starting at under R1,000 per month

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Video roundup

This week’s epic video roundup

That’s the actual TV that we game off in the office (we don’t get much time to play, don’t worry)

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Playbook header

The PlayStation 4 laptop

Here’s what happens when you combine the awesomeness of the PS4 with a laptop

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