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MSI Laptop Feature

Powerful gaming laptops to suit your budget

Can’t afford R35,000 for a mobile gaming set-up? No problem, we have powerful alternatives that won’t break the bank

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PS4 PlayStation 4 news

PlayStation 4: what accessories do you need?

Want to add several stylish accessories to your PS4? You have come to the right place

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Steam Cup

36.9% of Steam games never get played

Plus, can you guess which is the most popular game on Steam?

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The most pirated PC games right now

We take a look at which games are hot property in the world of torrenting at the moment

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ADSL broadband

Biggest bandwidth hogs in SA

When 1TB of data is not nearly enough to satisfy your download needs

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Keyboard and Hands

Gaming addict lets infant son starve to death

A South Korean man is accused of playing online games while his 2-year-old starved at home

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PS4 Mod

The best and brightest PlayStation 4 mods

From custom wraps to DIY spray-paint jobs, these aesthetic mods are quite pleasing to the eye

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Gunnar Headline

New Gunnar gaming glasses for SA – pricing revealed

If you are in the market for some new PC eyewear, why not take a look at the new Gunnar line

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World PC Sales

Most popular PC brands of 2014 so far

Four of the world’s top PC vendors increased their market share in the the pre-built PC sector this year

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FF14 Games you can play this week

Balls and Bikes – games you can play this week

Take a look at this week’s new arrivals

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Beyond Earth News

New Sid Meier’s Civilization game announced

A new beginning is coming for mankind… in space

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PS4 Ugly Mod

PlayStation 4 mods gone wrong

Some tried too hard to be pretty, others are just plain ugly

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Gaming Brain

Gaming grows your brain

Playing video games physically grows your brain, according to a recent study

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VR Treadmill

Virtual Reality treadmill coming soon

One advantage of gaming is you can do it lying down. Not anymore.

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Skyrim’s top mods

I have searched far and wide, looted several hundred chests, and slain many spiders to find the mods that will turn your Skyrim into a gaming jewel

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Evil within

This week’s epic video roundup

Best compilation of gaming videos. Ever.

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Orcs Must Die Unchained Heroes

New Orcs Must Die! game is a MOBA

Ors Must Die! Unchained, is, and I must apologise for this, off the chain ya’ll

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84 EA intros in one video

Take a trip down memory lane with a video tribute to Electronic Arts and their gaming intros

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The hunt for the E.T. video game

The alien is buried somewhere in a vast wasteland of the New Mexico desert, will he be found?

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PS4 sex 1

Live sex on the PS4

What people get up to when they have a PS4 camera, access to the Internet, and exhibitionist qualities

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