Linux Articles

Linux to launch and support Linux games

The game site has promised the “full treatment” for Ubuntu and Mint

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Microsoft Windows XP header news

Microsoft finally tackles Windows XP’s biggest bug

Still suffering with your slow Windows XP? Microsoft is finally working on a solution for that.

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Valve steam machine header hardware

SteamOS, Steam Machine hardware put to the test

Early adopters and prototype testers are giving Steam Machine hardware and the software a thorough thrashing

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Valve steam machine header hardware

Steam Machine prototypes ship on 13 December

D-Day for Valve

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Microsoft header news

Windows 7 distribution ceased, OS prepares for retirement

Microsoft quietly buries its best-selling modern OS.

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AMD Mantle header column

AMD Mantle API poised to revolutionise PC gaming

AMD’s Mantle API claimed to be much more efficient than DirectX, and can run on Nvidia and Intel graphics hardware as well

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Steam machine prototype header

Valve reveals Steam Machine prototype hardware

Prototype Steam Machines similar in size to the Alienware X51, much more powerful than a console.

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Michael Dell header hardware

Dell reborn as a private corporation – now what?

Where do they go from here, now that they’re free of shareholders?

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Nvidia TWIMTBP Montreal 2013 header

Nvidia Gameworks boosts Linux, OSX, Android platforms

Now game developers can port their titles without losing the visual experience.

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Battlefield 4

Linux needs one killer game to explode: DICE

DICE wants in on Linux and believes the platform has potential.

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steam controller video

Steam Controller: watch it in action

See Valve’s Steam Controller work with Portal 2, Civilization 5 and other games

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Valve SteamOS header news

Steam Machines will support Intel, AMD graphics

Valve confirms that Nvidia won’t be the only choice.

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Valve SteamOS header news

Valve Steam Machine prototype specs revealed

What’s sitting inside Valve’s prototype Steam Machine?

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Valve Steam Controller header hardware

Steam Controller announced by Valve

Valve has unveiled a controller for Steam that looks refreshingly different

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Valve SteamOS header news

Steam Machines confirmed by Valve, beta announced

Valve announces plans to release a set of approved guidelines for Steam Machines manufacturers.

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Nvidia logo hardware header

Nvidia to provide extensive documentation for Linux drivers

Nvidia devs hope to improve out-of-the-box performance in the wake of SteamOS announcement.

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Valve SteamOS header news

SteamOS revealed by Valve

Valve announces a Steam Operating System based on Linux, native AAA game support inbound

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What could Valve be announcing this week?

Three announcements from Valve could change the company forever.

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Gabe Newell

Linux the future of gaming, Steambox imminent: Valve

Gabe Newell and Valve to lead the charge into a world of AAA games on the Linux platform.

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Crysis 3 news

CryEngine coming to Linux

Crytek looking to port CryEngine to Linux

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