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Linux to launch and support Linux games

The game site has promised the “full treatment” for Ubuntu and Mint

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half life 2

Half-Life 2 update all about Linux

Valve is bringing fan favourite Half-Life 2 over to everyone’s favourite free operating system.

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John Carmack at GDC

Carmack would be stunned by mainstream Linux gaming support

John Carmack weighs in on the viability of Linux support for mainstream games.

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Blizzard reportedly porting to Linux

Blizzard said to be preparing a Linux port of at least one title

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Windows 8 header 2

Windows 8 is a “catastrophe”, says Gabe Newell

Valve moving into Linux to “to hedge against that eventuality”

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Left4Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is Valve’s first Linux game

Valve confirm zombie-killing action is on its way to Ubuntu

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the truth is out there

Blizzard denies banning Linux players from Diablo III

They were banned for cheating, Blizzard insists.

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Diablo III packshot header

Blizzard banning Linux players from Diablo III

Banhammers for users of “Unapproved Third Party Software”

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