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Xbox One vs PS4

Xbox One and PS4 sales predicted by EA

How many next-gen consoles does EA think will be sold?

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PlayStation DualShock controller sliced diced destroyed redesigned

Sony working on new PS4 controller design

The classic DualShock design might be getting a revamp if rumours are true

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michael pachter header

Pachter: “Call of Duty is a failure; nobody will support Wii U”

Industry analyst takes aim at Zynga, Nintendo and Activision

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New PS3 header 1

Sony: “PS3 has an incredible lineup for the next 2-3 years”

Don’t hold your breath for the PS4

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Halo 4 - Master Chief and Cortana Concept Art

Microsoft snaps up domains for 3 more Halo sequels

Franchise shows no signs of slowing down

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Yves Guillemot

Ubisoft says new consoles are overdue

Ubisoft boss feels that consumers deserve some innovation with next-gen consoles

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Tomb Raider dev working on new, next-gen IP

Crystal Dynamics puts out a telling job ad

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John Carmack Mirror header

John Carmack “not all that excited” about next-gen consoles

It’ll be the same, just better, he thinks. So what’s the point?

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Nextbox Xbox 720

Rumour control: Microsoft begins manufacture of nextbox

Microsoft not saying anything

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Crysis 3 gameplay header

Crytek retracts used-game blocking on next-gen console statements

“Lol, I was jk guys”

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Cliff Bleszinski header

Gears of War designer wants next-gen consoles to melt your face

And also impress your mom

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PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 launching before next Xbox?

Sony is aiming to launch their next generation console before Microsoft

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Developers want next-gen consoles to be more update-friendly

Devs lament red tape of current systems

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