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Why you should buy a PS4 in 2014

With the Xbox One incoming, and the second half of the year well underway, it’s time to buy a PlayStation 4

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PS4 prices: SA vs the world

How do South Africa’s discounted PS4 prices compare to the rest of the world? Let’s find out

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The best games of 2014 so far

As the halfway mark for the year draws near, we take a look at the top titles of 2014 across all platforms

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Is the PS4 worth buying?

What are pros and cons of owning a PS4, and is it worth getting one?

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PS4 and Xbox One complete games list for 2014

Take a look at which titles you will be able to play on the PS4 and Xbox One in 2014

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Xbox One vs PS4 vs PC – SA game price comparison

With the Xbox One arriving in SA in a couple of months, we take a look at how much games for the console will be compared to what we are paying already

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GTA 5 – how much better will it look on next-gen?

The answers is: a lot – if this video analysis is anything to go by

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Planetside 2

PlayStation has a stack of free-to-play games coming

Not every game at E3 was about closed betas and pre-order pricing – some were good-old-fashioned freebies

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How to play Far Cry 4 without buying the game

When Far Cry 4 was revealed, the ability to play co-op mode without owning the game was discussed – here’s how it’s done

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Bloodborne: the darkest and bloodiest game on PS4

From Software débuted its new title, Bloodborne, at E3 – here is what the critics thought of it

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GTA 5 on PS4 better than PC and Xbox One?

According to a vice-president at PlayStation, GTA 5 will be more “special” on the PS4

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Battlefield Hardline cop-killing multiplayer gameplay

We get a taste of what Hardline’s multiplayer will look like, courtesy of its beta version

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Mortal Kombat 10 – more ass-kicking from E3

Do you long for the days of literally tearing your opponent into pieces after beating them into submission? Mortal Kombat will fill that void

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Sony steps up at E3 with games galore

Sony rounded off the first day of E3 2014 with games, new apps, and its own TV platform

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GTA 5 coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One

Rejoice PC and next-gen gamers, Grand Theft Auto 5 is on its way

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Top selling games on the PlayStation store

Sony has released their latest digital store sales stats – take a look at which titles dominated the various platforms

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Sony tops worldwide console sales charts for first time in 8 years

Sony has dethroned Nintendo as the top international console seller

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New online store launched in SA, caters to gamers

To mark the occasion, they are selling the PS4 for R6,399!

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American Dad Gaming

What happened to the good old-fashioned game demo?

Publishers should be giving gamers the chance to play a game before they buy it

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EA UFC – does it deliver a knockout punch?

We try the free demo for the upcoming face-smashing, tap out-inducing, blood-spilling fighter

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