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Steam’s biggest-ever free game weekend

Steam users can try out 10 free games this weekend

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Steam Music Player

Steam Music Player is here

Now you can drop the bass while playing your favourite game in Steam

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Steam breaks 100 million mark, gets Discovery update

Valve’s online gaming platform has broken through the 100 million user mark, and has received aesthetic and functional upgrades

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Hacker header

Steam accounts hacked through Twitch links

Beware the links you see in Twitch – malware lurks

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Cheapskate money

PC gamers are stingy bastards

Maybe “stingy” is a strong term… “intelligent consumers” perhaps?

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Razer Cortex Header

Razer Cortex wants to take over your gaming PC

Razer Cortex will manage your save games, find the best gaming deals, and streamline sharing your content online

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Steam might start music, movie, TV series distribution

Code in Steam alludes to the digital distribution platform expanding into the realm of movies, TV series, and music

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Steam breaks its concurrent user record

Let this forever be remembered as the day the PC master race proved their worth

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Rock Simulator header

Rock Simulator lets you play… as a rock

You won’t be able to smell what this Rock is cooking, due to the fact that it is an inanimate object and cannot move

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Steam Summer Sale Rigged

Steam Summer Sale “Adventure” team game is rigged?

According to conspiracy theorists and avid gamers, Valve are raking in the cash by fixing the Summer Sale “Adventure” team game

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Steam summer sale

The Steam Summer Sale is here

Cue explosions, fireworks, and dancing bears – the Steam Summer Sale has begun

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GTA 5 News

GTA 5 PC costs the same as PS4, Xbox One version

Pre-order pricing for the “next-gen” version of GTA 5 has gone live in the States, and the PC is not getting any preferential treatment

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Steam Summer Sale 2014 launch date revealed?

Prepare to flood your Steam library – the Summer Sale is nearly upon us

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Can you return a digital game in SA?

You order a game but change your mind pre-launch, or buy the title and it does not work – what are your options?

| Forum comments Galaxy news Galaxy: DRM-free online gaming platform has announced GOG Galaxy, an online platform for its games

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Steam Early Access Games: Valve cautions gamers

Buying into an Early Access title comes with a certain level of risk. Valve explains what customers should expect

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Broforce gets two new bros

Say hello to my little friends, my Broforce friends

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Steam Controller 1

Steam controller release delayed

Valve needs more time to get their controller, and the Steam Machines, in proper working order.

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Steam factory

In-home game streaming launched for Steam

In-Home Streaming allows users to connect multiple PCs on the same network to a single Steam account, and stream games to multiple devices

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Steam Cup

Steam game releases in 2014 smash records

It’s full Steam ahead for game releases on the digital distribution platform

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