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Valve steam machine header hardware

SteamOS, Steam Machine hardware put to the test

Early adopters and prototype testers are giving Steam Machine hardware and the software a thorough thrashing

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Steam machine prototype header

Valve reveals Steam Machine prototype hardware

Prototype Steam Machines similar in size to the Alienware X51, much more powerful than a console.

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Battlefield 4

Linux needs one killer game to explode: DICE

DICE wants in on Linux and believes the platform has potential.

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Valve SteamOS header news

Steam Machines will support Intel, AMD graphics

Valve confirms that Nvidia won’t be the only choice.

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Valve SteamOS header news

Valve Steam Machine prototype specs revealed

What’s sitting inside Valve’s prototype Steam Machine?

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Valve SteamOS header news

Steam Machines confirmed by Valve, beta announced

Valve announces plans to release a set of approved guidelines for Steam Machines manufacturers.

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Nvidia logo hardware header

Nvidia to provide extensive documentation for Linux drivers

Nvidia devs hope to improve out-of-the-box performance in the wake of SteamOS announcement.

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Valve SteamOS header news

SteamOS revealed by Valve

Valve announces a Steam Operating System based on Linux, native AAA game support inbound

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What could Valve be announcing this week?

Three announcements from Valve could change the company forever.

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Gabe Newell

Linux the future of gaming, Steambox imminent: Valve

Gabe Newell and Valve to lead the charge into a world of AAA games on the Linux platform.

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Linux Steam

Steam for Linux beta launches with 26 games

Linux players can rejoice as Steam for Linux is here

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Steam on Linux header

Steam is coming to Linux, Valve confirms

Valve confirms that their Steam service will finally make an appearance on Linux.

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