Xbox One epic install times irritate gamers

Some owners wait over an hour for a game to install before they can start playing

November 23, 2013
Xbox One Ready When You Are

Gamers on forums all over the internet are complaining about long loading times on their Xbox One consoles. The loading times aren’t in the games themselves, but in the time it takes for a game to be playable on the system from the first time that the disc is inserted.

This is because for launch day consoles and games, a patch for the games needs to be individually applied before the game may be started. Once the disc is inserted, the patch will begin to download from the Xbox Live servers. The patch will need to be completed before the game begins installing its contents to the One’s hard disk.

Users on the NeoGAF forums are experiencing load times in excess of an hour, while others have their downloads slow to a crawl while the Xbox Live servers try to keep up with the network load. The play-as-you-install feature is working for all launch titles, but it is the updates which are causing the issue.

Server load issues are a regular affair on the launch day of a new game or system, but it appears that this is making more users frustrated as install times take longer and longer. Microsoft has not commented on the issue thus far.

Ryse Son of Rome screenshot 8

Don’t make me wait 20 minutes before I can slay you!

Below follows a few posts from Xbox One owners on NeoGAF who are experiencing the game loading issues.

  • So far you can boot Ryse at 3% but when in-game choosing a mode will get an installing screen. Downloading and installing is almost done BTW; about 20 min I think. – dragonelite
  • The Forza 6 gig DL was taking forever, so I cancelled the Install, did a cold start unplugged my Ethernet cable then started the install. Was ready to play in 7 min, got some races in and saw that I was 90% done so I decided to plug my cable back in to finish installing everything. But once I was connected it stopped the game and will not let me play till that launch update is installed. – soundscream
  • As far as I can tell, the only way to skip the update is to be completely offline when you put the disc in. I did this to install Ghosts because the update wouldn’t progress past 1%. But now I don’t know how to prompt the update after it’s been installed. – Neverender
  • It took me a long time to download the update. The update did not display as a separate download causing it to take forever for the install progress bar to move. – Bryan Newman
  • So the game had stopped at 41% so I reset the console in frustration and lo and behold it started to update again. It’s as though because I had the audacity to enter the game the drive decided to stop installing. At 60% now. I’m only barely interested in this game as it is. – JordoftheDead
  • I was just watching my brother play 2K14 and the install took longer than a full match. – Crakatak187
  • Part of the appeal of console gaming is that you can just drop the disc into the drive and play. These half hour, one hour, TWO HOUR, delays are so off-putting that I can’t even express how crappy it is. It feels like a step back. – Jeff-DSA
  • What I mentioned earlier was disc based games. Most of them have play while you install like the ps4 but I was told about a month ago that a few don’t and the install times are crazy long… it sounds like if you have a good connection you may download faster than someone can rip the disc. There are some super long installs on the [Xbox One]… I’ve heard 1.5 to 2 hours for some launch games. – famoutmortimer
Source: NeoGAF, Xbox One forumsAttackoftheFanboy

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