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  1. How to use local bandwidth to download from the PSN
  2. Adsl question
  3. Understanding Adsl in SA
  4. F2P MMORPG's
  5. Improving wireless signal, on the cheap!
  6. Downloading From fee servers with Jdownloader
  7. State of the internet!
  8. Welcome to the Broadband Internet and gaming forum
  9. Web Africa - Terrible speeds and constant disconnects?
  10. MWEB gaming SUCKS!!(Latency Spikes)
  11. Afrihost Gamers
  12. Afrihost Uncapped Shaping?
  13. ADSL Line Signal Strength & Stability
  14. Please HELP
  15. Forced online play
  16. Signal Antennas?
  17. Internet Issues
  18. Online Gaming with Cybersmart
  19. The impending upgrade to 2Meg - ISPs automatically upgrading our packages?
  20. Voice chat apps for online team gaming
  21. What is the average ping time for ADSL from home to home?
  22. unshaped vs shaped
  23. Vodacom BIS
  24. A question on game connections
  25. MWEB Connection problems
  26. Need help on picking an ISP for World of Warcraft gaming
  27. Nvidia/Intel vs AMD
  28. Halo Reach and Cell C dongle
  29. Afrihost working to fix ADSL problems
  30. ADSL Specifications
  31. Issues with my ping
  32. Where can I find an ADSL Router that supports multiple PPPOE connections?
  33. Has anybody used Russ-AL PC's before?
  34. MWeb 2mbps for Xbox LIVE?
  35. COD online with 2mbps uncapped
  36. spec ops the line offline lan
  37. imagenet isp 10,000 GB Giveaway
  38. ISP and DSLAM help.
  39. soft cap
  40. Free trial MWEB uncapped accounts!
  41. adsl selection help
  42. Best 3G/HSDPA Network in Summerstrand, PE
  43. Uncapped gaming connection
  44. Pogo without Java -- is it possible?
  45. Netflix & Hulu+ On Xbox/PS in South Africa
  46. Telkom ADSL
  47. Slow Internet Connection
  48. Line Speed For PSN
  49. Naked ADSL
  50. Afrihost hit with more ADSL problems
  51. Speedtest Results
  52. Afrihost handing out more free ADSL data
  53. Destiny online game-is WIFI reliable?
  54. Does this remind you of Telkom
  55. Which ISP offers best latency with least downtime?
  56. Afrihost ADSL cuts prices up to 50% in capped data promo
  57. Seacom cable break repair update (15 April 2013)
  58. Uncapped ADSL for gamers and downloaders
  59. Flash games and data
  60. Seacom cable fully repaired (23 April 2013)
  61. 20Mbps, 40Mbps uncapped VDSL affordable for gaming?
  62. Capped ADSL bundle prices slashed
  63. MWeb or Afrihost for Gaming
  64. Question about ADSL disconnects
  65. Who do you rent your ADSL line from?
  66. Telkom Uncapped
  67. Best alternatives to ADSL.
  68. Problems with internet disconnecting
  69. FREE Axess 3GB Trial Accounts
  70. Discounted FNB Uncapped coming soon
  71. Internet Issues
  72. Cheap 40Mbps home fibre broadband is possible
  73. OpenWeb ADSL
  74. MTN xbox live
  75. Netman 4G/LTE in Namibia (Windhoek)
  76. Telkom Price Query
  77. Mweb Offering - ADSL Lite
  78. Connectivity issues on 9 July [8ta]
  79. Xbox 360-s not able to connect to internet
  80. Need to register SMB website domain name
  81. PluGG
  82. Domain email hosting
  83. What ADSL should I get?
  84. Vodafone USB Mobile broadband 3G detected but cant access internet
  85. ISP for Twitch streaming
  86. Alternative Web Browsers
  87. Cheap uncapped internet
  88. MWEB ADSL 4MB Uncapped problems
  89. For those who are on axxess currently - KZN area
  90. Openweb or Afrhost capped account for gaming
  91. Openweb issue
  92. Slow down wifi speeds
  93. Whose lines have already been upgraded by Telkom?
  94. Is there another ADSL line rental besides Telkom?
  95. Telkom Soft Cap and Facebook
  96. Telkom ISP issue, anyone else having same experience?
  97. Just signed up at afrihost
  98. New Telscum Line
  99. LTE Gaming
  100. Best 4mb Uncapped option for Gaming and Downloads?
  101. Telkom Newsgroup/Usenet settings
  102. VDSL router needed
  103. Afrihost promotional voucher giveaway
  104. Fastest broadband speed in the world
  105. Web Africa cuts uncapped ADSL price
  106. Telkom denies ADSL exchange congestion
  107. Capped vs Uncapped?
  108. Need help cancelling a Telkom ADSL service
  109. Openweb Titan Account
  110. MiFi and NAT type
  111. Cybersmart uncapped
  112. Help With ISP Shaping Results
  113. Telkom wont give me a phone Facebook Group
  114. QoS for Diablo 3
  115. WebAfrica - DSL Line Speed Optimizer
  116. Vox Telecom vs MWeb
  117. Afrihost torrent policies
  118. High ping with both my accounts(afrihost and telkom)
  119. low bandwidth in COD
  120. Cybersmart 10 mb line
  121. Telkom problems:(
  122. Bitco for gaming
  123. Afrihost and Dota 2
  124. ADSL exchange congestion - Guide
  125. Port forwarding
  126. [Help needed] 2 Connections 1 Router
  127. High latency with certain international severs on Telkom
  128. 3G during power outage
  129. What exactly affects ping?
  130. Question regarding Telkom uncapped and gaming
  131. PLEASE HELP -- Sharing 3G data over a network via 3G dongle and 3G router.
  132. Mweb or Axxess
  133. Telkom Issues woodstock and surrounding area
  134. The Plight of the SA Twitch Streamer
  135. Vumatel Fiber
  136. Anyone using WAN4U as their ISP?
  137. ITNT: R1 per GB capped
  138. Recent high pings with Incredible Connection ?
  139. MWEB 200/GB out of bundle fees.
  140. Afrihost Uncapped unbearably slow?
  141. Looking for new ISP
  142. Anyway to get Tekom to recognize my existance?
  143. Mobiel gaming, PC gaming, PS3/4 game, which is more popular now?
  144. Levels when an ISP starts to throttle
  145. Steam Download Stats
  146. Battle net services in Africa
  147. MWEB 2MB/4MB uncapped issues???
  148. COD Advanced Warfare - Vodacom LTE
  149. Warning all gamers, don't join Afrihost.
  150. How do I limit a user's bandwidth?
  151. My internet is crawling
  152. New Internet - What to get
  153. Weird lag in game?
  154. Terrible Internet Brag Thread
  155. Capped versus Uncapped - Does this idea make any sense?
  156. Steam download speeds
  157. Level 7 Wireless Internet
  158. ADSL Router Stops accepting new internet connections
  159. Telkom gave.. good service?!
  160. bvd Boys representing SA at ESWC
  161. List of ISP's in SA
  162. Telkom capped, when did it change from "only local" to "slower" speed when capped.
  163. Live Streaming on Twitch
  164. Telkom 10 meg line vs openweb 10 meg line
  165. Telkom LTE
  166. Afrihost fined for ADSL network problems
  167. Which Fibre ISP's are good for gaming?
  168. Afrihost hands out free ADSL data gifts
  169. Budget Build for basic to moderate video editing.
  170. Local Google Cache / Server
  171. Dgl
  172. Wanting to switch ISP
  173. Network Monitoring at home
  174. Telkom LTE Uncapped
  175. Best ISP for Xbox One online gaming
  176. The Big Deal 15GB Telkom LTE data promotion
  177. Fixed Wireless Internet
  178. Beware promises of unshaped bandwidth which prioritizes gaming
  179. Epic broadband for gamers: 400Mbps fibre for R599
  180. The best Afrihost ADSL service for gaming
  181. Faster fibre speeds from twisted light
  182. Best mobile broadband connection for gaming
  183. Openweb fibre coming soon
  184. Should your internet history remain private?
  185. The broadband connections which Webafrica suggests for gamers
  186. You can get free Wi-Fi on Freedom Day
  187. Cell C LTE-Advanced launched
  188. Telkom's big gaming drive in South Africa
  189. Best ADSL service in South Africa
  190. WiruLink
  191. Crystal Web's massive gaming plans
  192. 100Mbps uncapped fibre for R1,088 per month from CipherWave
  193. Telkom wholesale ADSL price cuts announced
  194. Best ADSL ISP for gaming in South Africa
  195. Best broadband service in South Africa for gaming
  196. Cheapest uncapped fibre available in South Africa
  197. Telkom stand-alone Fibre prices released
  198. i-Burst modem wanted
  199. ADSL gaming traffic growth in South Africa
  200. This is how fast Vodacom's new LTE-U is
  201. Lag or something else?
  202. Vodacom shares why South Africa is falling behind on broadband
  203. MTN to launch FTTH services nationwide
  204. Uncapped Business ADSL (Telkom 4Mbps)
  205. Broadband options in Centurion?
  206. Fibre ISP questions
  207. Check if your internet is fast enough to stream Netflix
  208. Cheapest uncapped ADSL for gaming in South Africa
  209. Telkom's fibre offerings are now cheaper than its ADSL
  210. You will no longer have to pay for Telkom line rental
  211. Best ADSL ISP for gaming in South Africa
  212. Massive ADSL price cuts incoming
  213. No more Telkom line rental on your bill — here is a hard dose of reality
  214. Plumstead FTTH Cape Town
  215. MTN Down in parts
  216. Europe hit with massive Internet outage
  217. Overwatch ZA server viability petition.
  218. New Router (and maybe modem)
  219. Youtube hit with outage
  220. Cheapest and best uncapped ADSL accounts for gaming in South Africa
  221. This is how a single engineer knocked out half the world's Internet
  222. This is how you calculate the cost of an uncapped ADSL package
  223. This is how little profit your ISP actually makes from an ADSL account
  224. Incredible new solar-wide internet installed on the International Space Station
  225. Google's new internet speed test is ingenious
  226. How much uncapped ADSL data your ISP can give you before it makes a loss
  227. New Wi-Fi standard triples current connection speeds
  228. Google's 60 Tbps underwater fibre cable goes live
  229. Best capped ADSL prices for gaming in South Africa
  230. Check out Telkom's amazing deal of the month: R99 for 5GB of data and a router
  231. Do ISPs have too much of our information?
  232. This is what you need to know before buying a router
  233. Show off your internet connection
  234. This is how South African ISPs choose which suburbs get FTTH
  235. We'll give you 5G if you relax net neutrality: EU telecoms operators
  236. The hidden costs South Africans are paying for fibre
  237. This is how to hack a South African company
  238. South Africa voted against Internet freedom: this is why
  239. How soon fibre can overtake ADSL in South Africa
  240. How to get FTTH to come to your neighbourhood
  241. ADSL data now costs less than R1 per GB
  242. This is how much FTTH actually costs your suburb
  243. South Africa's most popular ADSL line speed - how do you compare?
  244. Cheapest 1TB ADSL data bundles in South Africa
  245. Does WebAfrica suck?
  246. When the Webafrica ADSL usage tracker will be fixed
  247. This is how ISPs really prioritise your gaming traffic
  248. Mobile data is cheaper than broadband for 95% of the world
  249. Adsl vs vdsl
  250. Uncapped Wireless Internet provider?