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  1. Xero's Avatar
    I don't think what you play defines you at all.
    Whether you play RTS / RPG or FPS games all of them involve a certain amount of processing from your decision making processes right through to your hand eye coordination.
    Some games require faster responses and some more of an end game approach but personally I've never seen the difference in any game aside from the mechanics of input and the difference in thought process for specific genres.

    So to surmise, no, playing FPS titles does not mean that one is lazy or stupid, simply that you generally are focused on faster more rapid action that centres equally on hand eye coordination and split second decision making patterns.
  2. bradbear117's Avatar
    just installed it and have done about 10 or so races now. This game sucks. in my opinion. Its basically Burnout Paradise with licensed cars. All the crashing is really pissing me off. Doing take downs in real world cars just feels wrong. Hope it grows on me.
  3. Hagan's Avatar
    Sorry, root. Don't always have access to a PC anymore.

    It's as open as GTA; about San Andreas' size, I reckon.
  4. rootworm41's Avatar
    No answer?
  5. IamPorra's Avatar
    I loved this game, especially the Undead nightmare dlc
  6. rootworm41's Avatar
    So is this game like GTA? Is it completely open? Thanks
  7. Hagan's Avatar
    Thank you, Bayne.

    I've made several more changes -- but it looks more or less the same.

    Will update with pics asap...
  8. big smoke's Avatar
    The game is very entertaining much plus those cars i wish they were all mine.....but they are bugs like when racing with your opponent...when you restart from crash you will find your opponent faraway...but when your oppenent crash or you take out the car....within 2 or 3 seconds the opponent is behind you and if you using weak cars or no nitros forget it you history.
  9. Bayne23's Avatar
    nice setup man, dig the speakers
  10. Hagan's Avatar

    More system details to follow soon...


    I usually shift it to the left. I have a "wide-arm" style of playing.
  11. czc's Avatar
    Do you keep your keyboard centred when playing or push it off to the left? So that the mouse is more comfortable to hold?
  12. rootworm41's Avatar
    Also nice review XD

    *EDIT* Oh shooot double post :I
  13. rootworm41's Avatar
    Very fun game XD Just started playing it
  14. rootworm41's Avatar
    Do you have any more details on your setup?
  15. okuhle94's Avatar
    I been playing NFS Most Wanted 2012 on PC for a while now (played about 150 Hrs now), must say that I really love the online game play. There is just this one glitch of the number plate resetting.
  16. reedOsama's Avatar
    I hope you write something about Saints IV, it doesn't look too good but it would be cool to hear from someone who's played 2 and 3 quite recently
  17. rootworm41's Avatar
    Thanks for the review
    I think I will grab it on steam if it goes on sale
  18. Scooby070707's Avatar
    currently playing this and having a real blast with it.

    About halfway done with it
  19. rootworm41's Avatar
    Nice review there. I'm am still uncertain about this series of games though. Maybe I will give it a try
  20. Edelweiss's Avatar
    I agree with points 1 and 4. Definite pet peeves.
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