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  1. My Fitness/Diet Journal

    Ok, so a few months back I did a detox ....... that didn't turn out too well because even though I felt great, I just lapsed into my old ways. So 5 weeks back (this is week 5) I decided enough is enough. I have a 25 year reunion coming up and it sort of galvanized me into changing my lifestyle.

    I managed to catch some passing comments on a thread about this Low Carb, High Fat 'craze' ...
  2. A detox diary

    KK, so I have decided to once again do a proper detox, hopefully to be followed again by a good fitness regime that I will stick to, heh. Mainly for my own purposes I will try detail as much as I can to help me stick to it and hey, if anyone else reads this and gets in the mood, win.

    So, to begin with - I will cut out sugar and coffee and all gluten on Day 1 (tomorrow) ....... Rooibos ...