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  1. Create some threads and see the response from the forum. Tinman is the admin if you wanna go that route.
    You must send me ur url when its up and running.
  2. Dude you dont want to even see whats going on in our private clan forum lol I registerd a domain name for our clan so when i get time we will have a clan site up and running for us talk smack there
    I agree with prog where do we make suggestions for the forum lol its all over the show
  3. Yeah. Aasvoels. Think thats AssBirds in english. Might be wrong though.
    Hope they start a MW2 thread here so I can talk as much crap like I want.
    Time will tell. :
  4. Howzit bud ja i decided the other place is for the birds
  5. Welcome Nukem. See you came to visit. How are thee
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