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  1. Ok, I am going to listen to you Murph. I know you are right. Do you think it wiser to go for a TD9K2? That will probably set me back about R6000 more, but then that is for a new one.
  2. Ok, I would not spend 10k on a lesser kit just because I don't have the funds for a much better one. Considering we're quite similar, you're going to love it for a month and then when you notice it's shortcomings you're going to be pissed that you bought it.
    Unless you have some slamming percussion synths which you can wire the kit to when you get gatvol of the module sounds, I remain cold hard voice of reason Murph.
    Have you demo'd it yet?
  3. lool. Gimme honest Murph
  4. Do you want me to be supportive happy Murph or honest voice of reason Murph?
  5. Ive decided to go for the TD4KX2. The TD9 is just to expensive right now. And the TD4 will be a really nice upgrade from the HD1. Baby steps, one day I will get the TD9KX2
  6. Dude, I think I am going to buy a TD9KX2. Stop me before I keeeeel again!
  7. Yeah, I put my accounting hat on this morning - new stuffs ain't going to work, particularly since I'm looking for a new place as well.
  8. Pretty nice looking kit at a good price!
  9. No they're not that expensive. Gretsch is associated more with jazz than metal or rock, which is the direction I want to take.

  10. Yeah in the end you creeping up to R20k which is mad. New heads aren't to expensive hey? Good kits those.
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