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  1. Reach's Diary is still king, IMO, the amount of detail and effort in there just blows my mind. Maybe more so for me since I read all the novels and parts of the dairy link up beautifully to extended Halo Universe.
  2. The art book is amazing, way better than reach IMO.
  3. The statue is cool but like with Reach the Artbook is where the magic is at. LOVE IT. And the make things even better my copy of Prince of Persia HD arrived today from Amazon
  4. Thats what you should have paid from the start. Dunno where they got their pricing from. lol. Well done, that is one of the best CE's I have the pleasure of owning.
  5. Just bought the Skyrim CE for £69, Half it retail price of £130.
  6. /sigh...

    ill do a bit more googling.
  7. Yeah, the wife didn't want an iPhone. They are not to bad, have heard of lots of people having shit with theirs. Reboots, hanging, completely dying.
  8. Hmmm. See I would (and did) choose iPhone but, well my likes aren't the Missus. Its not a crap phone or anything is it?
  9. Yip, she loves it to bits! Be warned, she might spend a lot of time on it.

    Its great for keeping in contact with people, emails, FB etc.
  10. Ur misses has a BB right? What do you think worth it? Mine is looking at one and Im not sure.
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