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  1. Woot! Thanks, received the game. I marked it as received too. Enjoy the weekend!
  2. Thanks James, hehe no I haven't played it yet and I look forward to doing so.
  3. It makes sense about your responsibility to deliver. Thanks James. I will think a bit about it and see if I can figure something out.
  4. Hi there. We don't have promo games for this purpose. You are welcome to sponsor a Steam game if you wish, but you cannot say it is sponsored on the behalf of MyGaming because that means it suddenly becomes our responsibility to deliver.

    We can probably dish out some branded gear with no problem once you provide the details of the winner.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  5. Is it alright if I sponsor a Steam game and say it's from MyGaming? For the Superbru pool.
  6. I was wondering if maybe you had a promo game or something that were being kept for a future competition or something like that. Something that will make people want to win.

    If you don't have anything like that then I will sponsor a Steam game.
  7. What can we do - caps and T-shirts for everyone or something?
  8. Hi James, sorry to bother you. I know you are crazy busy.

    The MyGaming Superbru pool is currently at 33 members for Super Rugby. Mephisto had a great idea if MyGaming can maybe sponsor or get someone to sponsor a prize?

    Here's the link:

  9. Thanks for the change!
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