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  1. /Wonders if James got my PM re Custom title change.
  2. Epic Bargain Dude. Enjoy.
  3. This should sum it up nicely

    Reggie's makes good on R999 PS3 offer
  4. Did father Christmas Bring you a PS3? If I remember correctly you didn't always have a console... unless I am totally, horribly wrong....
  5. Thank you my good fellow.
  6. Omga Made a booboo

    Correct the Spelling in the title for me please. Should be Kinect not Kinetic.
  7. /Informs James he can kiss my grammar abusing ass.

    Stupid IE doesn't have spell checker unlike my beloved chrome.

  8. Lol. I think he stopped listening to me a good long time back.
  9. Haha; i'd love to own a PS3 and Xbox 360, but I'm a dedicated PC gamer for now. Tell Tinman to give me a raise
  10. Sad Story. PS3? or just PC? Please dont tell me you own a Wii.
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