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  1. Dude, is the shop gonna be getting age of empires online?

    Heres a linky if need be

    Or is that another BT exclusive?
  2. Dude, myg shop out of pre-orders it seems, if u get one this week let me know.

    If not will just get one sumwhere when im up there
  3. Yea lol im coming up for the party.

    Was gna crash @ syco's place but hes bailed so chilling and wenz and wiz's place.
  4. LOL, doubt it guy. But order it from the MyGaming shop and I'll bring your copy to Hooters. Just make sure you put "free shipping" in the voucher code box since we won't be shipping it to you.

    You srsly coming up from durbz for it? EPIC
  5. Bru, will be able to buy DNF at hooters on friday?

    wow i never thought i would say buy a game and hooters in the same sentence
  6. "MyGaming staff will of course be there, if only to stage photos of ourselves punching Duke Nukem in the face, so come on down and troll us in real life. Say hi and we’ll buy you beer, that’s a promise."

    Im keeping u to that

    See u there
  7. Hey bud looked around can't get any straight answers, but I'll keep you posted
  8. Tinny, any possibility you can find out who is shipping FFXIV CE to SA?

    only take 2 has the standard edition listed on their site and no other sites even have it listed. (tried Take2,zaps, btgames)

  9. So who you sponsoring the Xbox slim to tinny?
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