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  1. I'll be playing D3 anyway, I could cave and get Risen 2, but the will of a templar is stronger! :P
  2. Well as I say I haven't played much of it. A lot of people have played it quite a lot or finished it over on the official forums so you might want to go there and check out there opinions. You might really enjoy it or not. Only way to really tell is trying a demo (I think there might be one on steam, not sure) or by just buying it. Risen 1 took a long time before the price went down so waiting for a price drop before playing it might be a long wait...
  3. Sheesh well thats a bit of a disappointment I was hoping for something similar to Risen 1 but I guess developers also want to branch out and try new things. Perhaps I'll pick it up after a few months when the price drops a lil. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Howzit, so played a bit (3 hours or so) and honestly, Risen 1 is better. Risen 2 is by no means a bad game it just isn't as immersive as you have Patty or other people with you the whole time. Graphics are good, hand gestures happen a lot with npc's, almost to the point of excessive.
    I miss experience (now its glory, so no more level 13 character or whatever, similar to Amalur).
    Overall imo so far, 74, Risen 1 in comparison 92.
  5. Na I havn't picked it up, forcing myself to play the games I've already bought I am keen to hear your view on Risen after giving it some solid play, I know you are a huge fan of the series!
  6. Wish I was, but its a bday gift from the gf so I can only play it on Wednesday. Really stoked to play the game, in fact I have taken a break from all other games over the past week and left the pc off at home so that I can solely focus on that game.
    Have you bought it yet?
  7. Risen 2 feedback post gogo! I presume you are playing the crap out of it
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