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  1. Yeah, I always go for PC where possible.
  2. no problem. I do recommend the game, just don't go in expecting a lot. Try download the demo first though (I presume you on pc as the xbox version was not good at all, apparently).
  3. Ok, cool. Thanks for your input.
  4. not really like any of those,it is similar to gothic,if you played any of those?
    It is 3rd person rpg,combat requires a lot of blocking,especially when going up against stronger opponents. It is about 50 hours for 1st time players also stars John Rhys Davies (Gimli-LOTR which is cool).
    Not many weapons and spells though - that besides the lower budget(read as development time with regard to character animations and voice acting)of say Elder Scrolls is the only gripe I have against it.
    Risen 1 is better than 2nd,because I loved it I had high hopes for 2nd and was let down, best approach for Risen 2 is to take it as a different game with follow on story.As far as number 1 being essential to playing number 2,somewhat for story,but basically in number one you meet a couple characters who follow through to number 2.
    Elder Scrolls had many side quests,Risen has quite a few but they feel more with the story. I didn't play much of DA(got kinda bored with it)so can't really compare it.
  5. Hey
    You seem like the person to talk to when it comes to Risen. Can you give me some information / feedback?
    How does Risen compare to games like Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls? Story, characters, combat, etc.?
    Is it needed to play Risen 1 before 2?
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