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  1. Dude can you tell the clan my cap is finished. So I am just on local now. Also thank you guys so much for helping me
  2. Good luck with your application! Go go!
  3. I actually played many times with him in my squad. Kept him alive
  4. Well then go for it bro :P

    I will vouch for you, but ultimately the weight lies with Stormchaser, our fearless leader

    Good luck bud!
  5. Hey dude. So I was told to apply to your clan. Frodo and noobzilla reckon I should :O
  6. Nah bru, it's all pro players. There's no reason to rage at your teamies in there
  7. hehehe But I will prob be swearing like a trooper
  8. You better be bru!
  9. Dude its going to have to wait I am really strapped for cash this month.
    But I am so keen dude.
  10. Bru! Get a mic, now! And come play BF3 pickups
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