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  1. Not that much into gaming any more, i like playing Metin( a online game) do not have money to buy the games to play online so have to play free online games But other wise tried COD6 which i really enjoyed, wished i could play that Co Op will be exciting i think.

    Was in Cape Town yesterday, drove for 10 hours lol, must admit places to stay there are dam expensive. But dam nice birds there :P

    What games you into?
  2. Hi. Hows it been going?

    yeah, I also dont understand why people live there. It is quite dead, nothing really to do or see there and so far away from Cape Town or any other big city.

    So what games you into?
  3. Lol no offense taken, it is hard to meet people from here. I do not even see why people live there :P. Ya well i am here for the moment, nearly been 3 years since i moved here. But will be moving soon. Hopefully over seas, to get out of this country.
  4. Hey man, sorry for the late reply. Yeah I find it interesting cause I have been there before and it is really rare to find people from obscure places like Oudtshoorn (no offense)

    Are you in Oudtshoorn permanently?
  5. Heya ya the hot city of oudtshoorn lol. Not many English people in this town, but get along with the Afr blokes.
    Why it interesting? you from oudtshoorn?
  6. Hi Welcome. I see you are from Oudtshoorn interesting...
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