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  1. Yeah man, sure. What type of game? Friendly clannie? Public game? Just call it bru, I'll come join you!
  2. Perhaps I was AFK, I don't know :P

    So, uh, yes, a game!
  3. Hahahaha! Yeah man you poked me on TS, how was I supposed to hear that little sound amidst raging gunfire But I did say hey Mr. Six while you were still there lol
  4. Ah nooit, I was probably distracted by you shooting at my chopper, or someone RPG'ing my tank on Damavand, while shouting at Oryx to repair.

    Didn't mean to

    I actually joined you on TS the other day, and you ignored me, so I feel better now
  5. Hey broo, I was on a wage server the other night, saw you there and said hello but you ignored me

  6. Hey yoo :P

    We need to have a game xD
  7. Haha, no worries boet! Shot man
  8. lol sorry, I'm getting the chronological order mixed here.
  9. Hey bru, don't worry- we're sorted for TS tonight . We can use the SS server
  10. Yo man, I'm good, just been busy, working...

    Been playing Blops quite often now, actually starting to like it, but I fail at it horribly. Definitely join you, but I am joining your team :P
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