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  1. I'm going into a meeting in 5 minutes and will probably not be available for the rest of the day. Can you just drop me an email or a PM?
  2. Can you pm me your contact number please?
  3. Hi Tinman did you read my pm?
  4. I just emailed them. Thought I would try you first. Will let you know when I find out who's bringing it in.
  5. Have you asked them where they are getting it from?
  6. Trion Games. I see BT has it on pre-order, so someone must be bringing it in.
  7. Hey Tinman
    No sorry - I have no info for this game at all
    Who is the publisher?
  8. Hey Moody

    Any idea who is distributing Rift?
  9. It was - we had a very cool crowd show up

    I can give you one of those cut outs if you want.
  10. Oi

    I heard the midnight launch was great!

    Tell me, what do you do with all the massive SCII cut outs and promo stuff? We would love a space marine for our offices...
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