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  1. Thanks dude!
  2. Happy B-Day . Hope you have a awesome day!
  3. Thanks dude!
  4. Hey Wlad Happy B-Day! Hope you have a awesome day!
  5. Cool man, will let you know if I do decide to get it, but I'm pretty sure I will since I'm done with Uncharted 2 now. If I do get it, I think I'll only start playing after the 30th though, because I have a thesis that's due then and I'm also writing exams next week
  6. Ok I pre-ordered Borderlands, couldn't resist lol, so if you get the game see you in the co-op . Now i'm pretty much broke until the end of November.
  7. I don't know yet man, I'm still thinking about whether I'm gonna get it, but if I do get it, it will only be next week after I've been paid. Probably the 25th or 27th.
  8. You getting Borderlands this Friday? I'm thinking about getting it .
  9. Hey man you have to choose another number for the PS3 comp, your number was already taken.
  10. Congrats on winning Aion .
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